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What is an archaeologist?
A person who studies people of ancient times
What is a legend?
A story from the past, widely accepted as true
What is a generation?
All of the people born about the same time
What is a nation?
People sharing the same origin, history, language and culture
How do archaeologists explain where the first Albertans came from?
10 000 years ago. North America was covered with ice. People followed animals from Alaska to Alberta through a corridor.
How do the Blackfoot people explain where the first Albertans came from?
Napi created the rivers and the lakes. He made a woman and a child from clay. He taught them how to hunt and gather plants.
What are the 5 natural regions of Alberta?
1. Alpine/Subalpine
2. Boreal Cordillera
3. Boreal Forest
4. Parkland
5. Grassland
Each region has a different what?
Which region has the coldest climate?
Boreal Forest
Which region is flat and open with few trees, riviers or lakes?
Which Native People had the biggest territory 300 years ago?
What are the 3 tribes in the Blackfoot Confederacy?
1. The Blood
2. The Paigan
3. The Blackfoot