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Define Renaissance.
"rebirth" and refers to the great cultural deveolopments and societal changes
Who was Christopher Columbus?
He was an Italian explorer that represented Spain. He searched for a new route to Asia. He landed in the New World in 1492.
How did the Columbian Exchange affect the Native Americans?
Disease brought by Europeans killed as many as 80% of Native Americans.
What were the goals of most explorers?
-the 3 G's
-God, Gold, and Glory
Who was Balboa?
He found the Pacific Ocean by crossing Panama.
Who was Ponce de Leon?
He searched for the Fountain of Youth in Florida.
Who was Cortez?
He defeated the Aztecs in Mexico - they thought he was a god.
Who was Magellan?
He led the first expedition that sailed around the world. He died in route.
Who was Pizarro?
He conquered Incas in Peru with metal-clad soldiers.
What were Spanish explorers called?
Conquistadors - Spanish for conquerors.
Why was it so easy for the Spanish to conquer the New World empires?
-they had better weapons like guns and cannons
-they were fair skinned and frightened the Aztecs and Incas
-the natives thought they were gods
-the natives were not immune to their diseases
What was the first European city in North America?
St. Augustine, in Florida
When and where did the Renaissance start?
14th-century Italy
What were the Crusades?
Holy Wars waged by Europeans on the Muslims in the Middle East to regain the Holy Land of Christianity's founder, Jesus Christ
What was the Columbian Exchange?
-Europeans brought tea, sugar, coffee, horses, cattle, and disease to the New World
-The New World offered tobacco, potatoes, corn, and CHOCOLATE to Europe
What was the first English attempt at colonization?