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Acupuncture point associated with Contralateral Leg & Arm Flexors
LV 2
Acupuncture point associated with Contralateral Leg & Arm Abductors
Acupuncture point associated with Contralateral Leg & Arm Adductors
Acupuncture point associated with Contralateral Psoas/Pec Sternal
Acupuncture point associated with Contralateral Glut Med/Oblique Abdominal
In normal gait position what muscles are inhibited on the side of the Forward Arm?
SCM, Lat, Posterior Delt, Triceps, Psoas, Rectus Femoris, Tib Anterior
In normal gait position what muscles are inhibited on the side of the Forward Leg?
Upper Trap, Anterior Delt, Pec, Biceps, Glut Max, Hamstrings, Gastroc
Foot subluxation associated with Psoas?
Foot subluxation associated with TFL?
Foot subluxation associated with Adductors?
Foot subluxation associated with Flexor Hallucis Brevis?
With foot pronation what muscles are often inhibited?
Psoas, Tib posterior & anterior
What corrects the Functional Hallux Limitus pattern?
Rib pumps at 5th intercostal space
Procedure to TEST & CORRECT Functional Hallux Limitus pattern?
- Test great toe extensors non weight bearing
- Test great toe extensors with patient standing on weight on heel
- Test extensors again with weight forward
- If weakness is forward, have patient TL to 5th ICS on the side of weakness and retest for strengthening
- If this strengthens the weak extensor, perform the strain counterstrain procedure on the indicated rib pump area
- Retest for strengthening
The proprioceptors of the feet cause a(n)_______ of the Spinal Extensors when they are stretched. What muscles are involved?
inhibition. Mid & upper trap & & neck extensors
If extensor muscles (mid and upper trap and neck extensors) test weak on weight bearing and strong with non-weight bearing..what would this be called? How would you treat it?
Spinal Extensor Inhibition Pattern
Turn down spindle cells on plantar surface of foot.
With a Spinal Extensor Inhibition Pattern...if your patient is prone and you squeeze the foot it will cause weakening in what muscles?
Glut max, hamstrings, neck extensors
What is the CHALLENGE for a Cervical Disk?
Caudal Pressure on head and then test indicator muscle r/t spinal levels
With a Cervical Disk what muscles might be weak?
Triceps, Opponens digiti minimi
What symptoms may indicate a Cervical Disk?
Symptoms on same side of body, Muscles will test stronger with traction
What muscle is weak with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? What other muscle might be imbalanced?
Opponens Pollicis; Pronator Quadratus (treat O&I)
What muscle is weak in Pisiform Hamate Syndrome ? How is it negated?
Flexor Digiti Minimi
-it is negated by challenging pisiform and hamate in direction of correction (usu medial or lateral)