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a set of two or more interrelated components that interact to achieve a goal.
a system
occurs when a decision or aciton of a subsystem is inconsistant with another subsystem or the system as a whole
goal conflict
when a subsystem achieves its goals while contributing to the organizations overall goal
coal congruence
eliminating duplicate recording, storage, reporting and other processing activities in an organization
facts that are collected, recorded, stored, and processed by an information system
information required by a government entity
mandatory information
information reuquried to conduct business with external parties
essential information
most internal information is___since choices must be made regarding what information should be available to whom and how frequently
discretionary information
a system that collects, records and stores and processes data to produce information fro decision makers
accounting information system
six components of AIS
people, procedures and instructions, data, software, information technology, infrastructure, internal controls and security measures
AIS fulfills three important business functions
Collect and store data about activities resources and personnel, Transform data into information that is useful for making decisions, Provide adequate controls to safeguard assets
Three factors that influence the design of an AIS
developments in IT, strategy, organizational culture
the linking together of all the primary and support act ivies in a business. Value is added as a product passes through the chain
value chain
a value chain consists of these primary activities provide value to the customers
inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, service
support activities fit in these five categories
firm infrastructure, human resources, technology and purchasing
How AIS can add value to an organization
"improving the quality and reducing the costs of products or services, improving efficiency, sharing knowledge, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of its supply chain, improving the internal control structure and improving decision making
decision making has these steps
identify the problem, collect and interpret information, evaluate ways to solve the problem, select a solution methodology and implement the solution
information can improve decision making by
identifying solutions that require management action, provides a basis for choosing among alternative actions by removing uncertainty, information about the results of previous decisions and providing accurate information in a timely manner
repetitive and routine decisions
structured decisions
decisions made from incomplete decision making rules
semi structured decisions
non recurring and non routine decisions
unstructured decisions
effective and efficient performance of specific tasks
operational control
effective and efficient use of resources for accomplishing organizational objectives
management control
establishing organizational objectives and policies for accomplishing the effective and efficient use of resources
strategic planning
what are the two basic business strategies that companies can follow
product differentiation strategy and low cost strategy
three basic strategic positions
variety based strategic position, needs based strategic position, and access-based strategic position