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translates the broad, user orientede AIS requirements of conceptual design into detailed specifications that are used to code and test the computer programs
physical designs
one component of output design that have a prespecified content and format and areprepared on a regular basis.
scheduled reports
one component of output design, that have no prespecified content or format and are not prepared on a regular schedule
special purpose analysis reports
one component of output design that has a prespecified content and format but are prepared on ly in reponse to abnormal conditions
triggered exception reports
one component of output design that have a prespecified content and format but are prepared only on request
demand reports
the process of subdividing programs into small, well-defined modules to reduce complexity and enhance reliability and modifiability
structured programming
this report summarizes what was accomplished and erves as the basis for mangement's decision whether or not to proceed to the implementation phase
physical systems design report
the process of installing harware and software and getting the AIS up and running.
systems implementation
an implementation plan consists of implementaton of tasks, ______ ______ ___, cost estimates, and ________ _________.
expected completion dates, person responsible
What's the three common forms of testing the system
walk-throughs, processing test transactions, accptance tests
dtermines if a program operates as designed. Valide and erronewous data are processied to determing if transactions are handled prperly and errors are dtected and dealt with
processing test transactions
this test use copies of real transactions and files rather tahn hypothetical ones
accpetance tests
a conversion approache that immediately terminates the old AIS when the new one is introduced
direct conversion
this conversion approache opates the old and new systems simultaneously for a period of time
parallel conversion
conversion approach that gradually replaces elements of the old AIS with the new one
phase-in conversion
the conversion approach that implements a system in just one part of teh organization, such as a branch location
pilot conversion
the final step in the SDLC is to operate and maintain the new system. ____________ _____ should be conducted on a newly installed AIS to ensure it meets its planned objectives
post-implementation review