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Process that begins with capturing transaction data and ends with an informational output such as the financial statements
transaction processing
Cycle where goods and services are sold for cash or a future PTM cash
revenue cycle
Purchasing of inventory for resale or raw materials to use in producing products in exchange for cah
expenditure cycle
raw materials are transformed to finished goods
production cycle
Where employees are hired, tranined, compensated, evaluated and terminated
hr cycle
companies sell parts of the company to investors and borrow money and where investors are paid dividends
financing cycle
system used to generate information for both management and external parties
general ledger and reporting system
records of company data sent to an external party and then returned to the system
turnaround documents
Ability to capture transaction data in machine-readable form a the time and place of their origin
Source data automation
the general ledger account correstponding to a subsidiary ledger is also called
control account
A list of all general ledger accounts an organization uses
charts of accounts
Used to simplify the proecess of recording large number of repetitive transactions
specialized journal
___ Provides a means to check the accuracy and validity of ledger postings
Audit trail
___ is somthing about which information is stored. such as employees, inventory items, and customers.
A charateristic of the entity is called a (an)
physical spaces called ___ store data values
The set of fieds that contain data about vairous attributes of the same ientity forms a ___
a ___ is a group of related records
A set of interrelated, centrally coordinated files
Four types of file processing
Updating, changing, adding, deleting
Batching processing
periodic updating of data
_____ documents are generated at the end of transaction processing activities