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A set of two or more interralated components that interact to achieve a goal.
Used in sytems development, changes in subsystems cannot be made without considering the effect on other subsystems and the sytem as a whole
System concept
elimination of duplicate recording, storage, reporting and other processing
These are collected, recorded, stored, and process by an information system
Benefit produced by information less the cost of generating it
Information value
Six components of AIS
People, procedures, data, information technology infrastructure, software, internal controls
Three important business functions
Collect and store data, transform data into information, provide adequate controls
Inbound logistics, Operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales, service
Primary Activities
Firm infrastructure, human resources, technology, purchasing
Support activities
Raw materials - Manufacturer - distributor - retailor - consumer
Supply chain
Decisions that are Repetitive, routine and understood well
Structured decision
Inocmplete decision making rules and need for subjective assessment
Semi-structured decisions
Nonrecurring and nonroutine.
Unstructured decisions
The entire system of organizational activities is greater than the sum of each individual part