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During a respiratory assessment, the absent of breath sounds may indicate?
The simplest airway management technique in a patient without suspected cervical spine injury is the?
Head-tilt/chin lift maneuver
Which manual airway maneuver should be used when caring for a patient with a suspected cervical spine injury?
Modified jaw-thrust
When a protion of the lung is unabailable for gas exchange, yet pulmonary circulation continues in that area of the lung, a condition known as ___ results?
Ventilation-perfusion mismatch
Anatomical dead space is the?
Volume of air in the trachea, bronchi, and air passages containing air that does not reach the alveoli for gas exchange
You should be prepared to immediatley intubate any patient with respiratory distress who is exhibiting?
Altered mentation
Which of the following basic airway adjuncts prevents the tongue from falling back to occlude the airway?
Oropharyngeal airway
The Sellick maneuver, applying posteriorly directed pressure on the cricoid cartilage?
Minimizes gastric destention and facilitates placement of an endotracheal tube into the glottic opening
A portable suction device should generate a flow rate of ___ liters per m inute when the tube is open?
What is a contraindicition of insertion for a nasopharyngeal airway?
facial fractures
When a bag-valve ventilation device is used without supplemental oxygen, it delivers an oxygen concentration of ___ percent?
An advantage of the two-person method of bag valve mask ventilation?
Easier to maintain a seal between the patient's face and the mask
The amount of gas moved in and out of the respiratory tract per minute?
Minute Volume
The amount of gas that remains in the respiratory system after forced expiration?
Residual Volume
The amount of gas inhaled or exhaled during a normal breath?
Tidal Volume
What pieces are necessary for insertion of an Esophageal Tracheal combiTube?
Water soluble lubricant, Bag valve mask, & Suction equipment and a stethescope
The patient with COPD may benefit from oxygen delivery through a Venturi mask because?
Oxygen concentration is controlled more carefully
The tip of the endotracheal tube for the pediatric patient should be inserted ___ cm below the vocal cords?
A true statement about the use of dual lumen airway is?
It requires no neck hyperextension
The tip of a curved laryngoscope blade is placed correctly?
In the vallecula
The tip of a straight blade should be placed?
Under the epiglottis
With what condition should you NOT attempt an endotracheal intubation of a patient unless airway failure is imminent?
Name of drugs that can be given by tracheal route?
Lidocaine, Epinephrine, Atropine, & Naloxone
An attempt at endotracheal intubation must not interrupt ventilations for more than ____ seconds?
Indications of esophageal intubation?
not seeing the tip of the endotracheal tube pass through the vocal cords
Correct order of events after endotracheal tube has been properly inserted?
Inflate the cuff w/ 5-10 cc of air, listen for equal breath sounds bilaterally, listen for breath sounds over the sipgastrium, secure the tube
An ____ is an example of a dual lumen airway?
Insert the laryngoscope blade in the ____side of the mouth?
Inset the endotracheal tube in the ___ side of the mouth?
Sweep the tongue to the ___ side of the mouth?
Visualize the structures by ____ them into alignment?
By ___ you risk trauma to the teeth and other structures?
An adult patient who has been intubated due to respiratory arrest should be ventilated ____ times per minute?
Immediate intubation should be considered for trauma patients with a Glasgow Coma Scale score of ___ or lower?
During spontaneous breathing, which reflexes prevents overinflation of the lungs?
What mechanism is responsible for hypoxemia in the patient with a pulmonary embolism?
Pulmonary shunting
What seres as an important visual landmark when performing endotracheal intubation under direct intubation?
Arytenoid cartilage
When intubating an adult patient, the onset of bradycardia is most likely due to?
Stimulation of the vagus nerve
Ventilation of ___ is the likely consequence of inserting an endotracheal tube too far?
The right lung only
The bifucation of the trachea is called the?
The internal respiration occurs in the?
Peripheral capillaries
At the end of exhalation, the intrathoracic pressure is?
Equal to atmosperic pressure
As the thoracic cavity begins to expand, the intrathoracic pressure?
Is less than atmospheric pressure
The normal partial pressure of oxygen is ___ mmHg?
The movement of oxygen fro the alveoli to the blood in the pulmonary capillaries depends on?
Diffusion of oxygen from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration
The respiratory rate may be greater than normal in?
Acidosis due to an aspirin overdose
The aspiration of vomitus into the lungs may result in?
Tissue damage, pneumonia, & pulmonary adema
In an adult, the narrowest part of the airway is the?
Pulse oximetry approximates true oxygen saturation. T or F
Pulse oximetry provides a mean sof continuously evaluating oxygenation. T or F
Pulse oximetry is useful in assessing victims of carbon monoxide exposure. T or F
Pulse oximetry is a reliable tool in the evaluation of hypothermic patients. T or F
Patients with poor perfusing blood pressures can be rapidly and accurately assessed using pulse oximetry. T or F
End-tidal colorimetric capnography measures?
Carbon dioxide in exhaled air
An ___ may be used to facilitate nasotracheal intubation?
Endotrol tube
A properly placed ____ effectively isolates the trachea for ventilation and protection from aspiration?
Endotracheal tube
What contains thin epithelial linings and dense cappilary networks and are responsible for oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange?
Percutaneous route of medication administration?
Sublingual, transdermal, & buccal
An advantage of sublingual drug administration?
Rapid absorption due to sublingual vasculature
A disadvantage of pulmonary drug administration via nebulizer or metered dose inhaler?
It requires that the patient have adequate ventilation
A parenteral route of drug administration?
A liquid preparation that contains small particles of medication is known as a?
You notice absent breath sounds and gastric sounds with each ventilations. What should you do?
Deflate the ET tube cuff, remove the ET tube, & hyperventilate the patient
One teaspoon of medication equals ___mL?
A plastic or glass container with a self-sealing rubber top is known as?
Into which container would it be necessary to inject a volume of air equal to the intended volume of medication before withdrawing the medication with a needle or syringe?
The appropriate administration for intradermal drug?
1 cc tuberculin syringe, 27 gauge 3/8" needle, or 25 gauge 1" needle
Appropriate for a subcutaneous injection of medication?
Vollume of medication of 1 mL or less
Which route will medication have the quickest onset of action?
The maximum volume of medication to be delivered into the deltoid muscle is ___mL?
A site for central venous access?
Femoral vein
A site for peripheral venous access?
Saphenous, External jugular, & median basilic
What intravenous solution would remain in the vascular system the longest?
What solution is appropriate for the patient needing vascular volume replacement in the prehospital setting?
0.9% sodium chloride solution
Using microdrip IV tubing, how many drops of fluid equals 1 mL?
What catheters would allow the greates volume of fluid to be delivered in a given period?
14 gauge 1 1/4"
When preparing for venipuncture, a constricting band should be applied tight enough to restrict ____ flow and not left in place for more than ___ seconds?
Venous but not arterial; 2
Minor swelling around the venipuncture site, no discoloration, but it is cool and firm to the touch. What is your findings?
Fluids extravasated into the tissue surrounding the IV site
Anatomical wall dividing the nostrils?
Leaf-shaped, flexible cartilage that protects the larynx?
Number of lobes in the right lung?
Number of lobes in the left lung?
Serous membrane covering the lung?
Serous membrain lining the inside of the thoracic cavity?
Protein that transports oxygen from the lungs to the body cells?
Primary method of transporting carbon dioxide in the body?
Clusters of air sacs that serve as the primary site for oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange?
Trangular-shaped cartilage structure that connects the pharynx with the trachea?
The narrowest part of the adult airway?
Hemoglobin is carried in the?
Red blood cells
Total lung capacity for the average adult male is approximately ____ L?
Progressivley deeper, faster breathing alternating gradually with shallow, slower breathing is called?
Cheyne-Stokes respirations
The feeling of flexibitly or stiffness associated with the lungs and ventilation is?
Excessive partial pressure of carbon dioxide i nthe blood?
Abbreviation for partial pressure of oxygen?
Insufficient oxygen in the blood?
oxygen saturation?
Percentage of oxygen in inspired air?
A bluish color of skin indicating respiratory distress?
Excessively fast breathing?
Excessively slow breathing?
Normal quiet breathing?
The cessation of breathing?
A misplacement of the ET tube identified by the skin bulging out on either side of the laryngeal prominence is called?
Pyriform misplacement
The purpose of using a malleable stylet during endotracheal intubation is to?
Stiffen and maintain a pre-set curvve of the tube
The amount of air filling the airway and unavailable for gas exchange?
Dead space
That amount of air that is actually exchanged?
Total lung capacity?
Maximum lung capacity
Measures the effectivness of bronchodilators?
Peek expiratory flow
Scarred lung due to COPD?
Physiological dead space
Most common indication for surgical cricothyrotomy is?
Massive facial or neck trauma
Atmospheric air contains ___% oxygen
The absence or near absence of oxygen is called?
Nail polish could produce a false pulse oximetry reading. T or F
The % displayed is equal to the oxygen saturation of the blood. T or F
A pulse oximeter will interpret carbon monoxide as oxygen. T or F
Excessive environemental light may produce an unreliable reading in the pulse oximeter. T or F
The pulse oximeter may produce an unreliable reading in states of poor patient perfusion. T or F
Pulse oximeter is unaffected by the patient's temperature. T or F
The purpose of the cuff o nthe end of endotracheal tube is to?
Seal the airway
What is NOT required for blind nasotracheal intubation?
A strong malleable stylet
A pediatric patient larynx is funnel shaped. T or F
In a pediatric patient a greater degree of swelling is required before a significant airway obstruction will occur. T or F
In a pediatric patient the chest wall lacks rigidity. T or F
Pediatric patient rely more heavily upon the diaphragm for breathing. T or F
A pediatric patient larynx is more posterior. T or F
To optimize visualization of the larynx it is important?
To lift the mandible
When bag-valve ventilation device is used without supplemental oxygen, it delivers an oxygen concentration of ___%?