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Controllability Check (8)
Check Canopy Shape, Spin, Speed
Look Around For Other Jumpers
Check Altitude
Release Brakes, Check Straight Flight
Check Right, Right 90
Check Left, Left 90
Full Stall
Orient Myself to the Drop Zone
Post Opening Problems (8)
Line Twists
Hung Slider
Pilot Chute over the nose
End Cell Closure
Broken Steering Line
Unable to Clear One Brake
Broken lines
Rips holes and tears
Post Opening Problem Order
Line Twists, Hung Slider, End Cell Closure. Controllability Check Fails if more than 50% input is needed for straight flight or the canopy stlls above the shoulders. If this happens, Immediately Execute SOS Procedures
SOS Procedure (6)
* Initiate SOS by 2000' AGL
Emergency Procedures (5 I haves)
Pilot Chute Hesitation
Floating Ripcord
Hard Pull
Pilot Chute in Tow
Any 2 I haves: SOS
Emergency Procedures (High Speed Malfunctions)
Bag Lock
Line Over
Line Twists
Separate Risers, Bicycle Out
Hung Slider
Pump 6 Times
Pilot Chute over the nose
Continue Controllability Check; Fly Conservatively, Land as Normal
End Cell Closure
Hold 90% for 4 seconds
Broken Steering Line
Release Brakes, Steer with Rear Risers
(If Unable to Clear One Brake) Use Both Hands
Broken Lines
Continue Controllability Check; Fly Conservatively, Land 50% Brakes, PLF
Rips holes and tears
Can I See Blue Sky?
(If Yes) Immediately Execute SOS Procedures
(If not) Continue Controllability Check; Fly Conservatively, Land 50% Brakes, PLF
Pilot Chute Hesitation (I have)
Check Thousand, (doesn't clear?) Immediately Execute SOS Procedures
Floating Ripcord (I have)
Search Thousand, Two Thousand (max 2) (if not found) Immediately Execute SOS Procedures
Hard Pull
Pull Thousand; Use Both Hands, Pull Thousand (2 max) (doesn't pull?) Immediately Excecute SOS Procedures
Total (I have)
Check thousand (doesn't clear?) Immediately Execute SOS Procedures
Bag Lock; Streamer; Line over; Horseshoe (BSLH)
Immediately Execute SOS Procedures
Hazardous Landings (5)
Trees, Water, Buildings, Power lines, Ground Obstacles
Steer Away, Throw, Assume Tree PLA
Steer Away, Steer to the Nearest Shore, Throw, Loosen Waist Band, Disconnect Chest Strap, Assume Water PLA
Steer Away, Throw, Assume Building PLA
Power lines
Steer Away, Throw, Assume Power line PLA
Ground Obstacles
Steer 30 degrees off (unable to avoid obstacle) fly 50% brakes and PLF
Riser doesn't release after SOS
Strike Riser w/ Right Hand From Behind
Head-on Collision
Steer Right
Canopy Wrap (Single) - Top Inflated:
Maintain Communication, Altitude Awareness, What is my Altitude? (Top jumper peels off canopy) Clear it, Clear it, (if unsuccessful by 2000', bottom jumper must) Immediately execute SOS Procedures. Top jumper entangled w/ remaining canopy needs to reel in canopy, and turn into the wind, 50% brakes, PLF.
Canopy Wrap (Double) - Both Deflated
Maintain Communication, Altitude Awareness, What is My Altitude. (Top jumper has SOS priority, tries to clear it and if not clear by 1000'), Immediately Execute SOS Procedures.
Both main and reserve deployed
(Perform a COGA check): Is my reserve Clear, Open, Good, what is my Altitude. (if it passes and you are higher than 500 ft), Immediately Execute SOS Procedures. (If lower than 500 ft, fly dominant canopy conservatively using rear risers and prepare for not release brakes on either canopy).
Loss of Count
Pull Main Ripcord
Loss of Stability
(w/ good count - arch and pull at proper count, w/ loss of count - pull main ripcord).
Reserve Malfunctions
Total, Pilot Chute Hesitation/In tow, Streamer, Horseshoe, Hard Pull, Post Opening Problems, Canopy Problems Exist
Check Thousand (-if not deploying-) Beat it, Beat it!
Pilot Chute Hesitation/In tow
Check Thousand; Beat it, Beat it!
Pump Risers, Pump Risers
Clear it, Clear it!
Hard Pull
Pull, Pull, Pull (using two hands)
(Reserve) Post Opening Problems (8)
Use main parachute procedures for line twists, hung slider, and end cell closure. All other post opening problems do not release brakes, steer with risers, PLF.
Canopy Problems exist
Fly conservatively land 50% brakes and perform a PLF
Slight Drag
Pull one steering toggle until you reach fabric. Run around in front of (or) downwind of the canopy and let it billow into your legs to collapse.
Radical Drag
Roll onto back using container for protection. Pull SOS handle. Ensure reserve is contained before getting up. If reserve is already deployed, pull one sterring toggle until you reach fabric.