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What is one of the busiest, most important and dangerous divisions in a squadron?
When fueling an aircraft ashore, the refueling vehicle should be parked in what position?
Forward of the aircraft and parallel to the wing
What is the maximum speed limit for vehicles operating on airfields within 50 feet of aircraft and hangars?
5 miles per hour
What is the speed limit for vehicles operating on runways, taxiways, parking areas, ramps, and work areas?
10 miles per hour
When aircraft are towed, the towing speed should NEVER be faster than the slowest person can walk or exceed 5 miles per hour? T/F
What method is used to identify handling and servicing equipment used around aircraft?
Colors and markings
What color is most support equipment painted
Yellow and white
On support equipment, the danger areas, such as intakes or exhausts, are painted what color?
What is the minimum protective clothing required for all personnel to wear while working on the flight deck?
Cranial impact helmet, goggles, sound attenuators, long sleeve jerseys and trousers with steel toe flight deck boots, inflatable life preserver with distress light marker, sea dye marker, and whistle
Which division is responsible for handling aircraft on the flight deck?
V-1 division
Which division is responsible for handling aircraft in the hangar bay?
V-3 division
In addition to the director, crew leader, and safety man, how many airmen are normally assigned to complete the aircraft handling crew?
six to ten
In an aircraft handling crew, what member is the only petty officer assigned to the crew?
What member in the aircraft handling crew is responsible for informing the director about the safety of the aircraft and to prevent accidental damage and personal injury?
When aircraft are being moved on the flight deck or hangar bay by handling crews, what method is used to give directions?
Radio headsets, hand signals, whistles
Once the requirements for an aircraft launch are known, which of the following officers holds a brief with all the key flight deck personnel?
Aircraft handling officer
What color cranial, jersey, and floatation vest identifies aircraft handling officers and plane directors?
Aircraft are assigned a spotting sequence for launch based on what criteria?
Aircraft type, mission, and catatpult
When aircraft launching begins, what type aircraft is normally launched first?
Rescue helicopter
What is the purpose of FOD walkdown?
To pick up all debris from the deck
How many hours a day is crash and salvage manned and ready aboard ship?
24 hours a day
Which of the following rules is extremely important to remember while directing taxiing aircraft
Ensure the pilot can see the signals being give, the person being signaled must thoroughly understand the signal, exercise extreme caution to prevent personnel from being caught in the jet blast
Who is responsible for the movement of aircraft on the flight deck
Flight deck control
Who has control of all flight deck lighting landing spot lighting, flight deck floodlights and the flight deck rotary beacon?
Primary flight control (PRI-FLY)
Which of the following personnel is responsible for launching aircraft?
Catapult officer
Which of the following personnel ensures that the aft flight deck is ready for landing aircraft?
Arresting gear officer
Which of the following personnel monitors or directs the pilot in the final approach to the ship
Landing signal officer
What system provides continuous glide path information and places major control of the aircraft in the hands of the pilot
Frensel Lens Optical Landing System (FLOLS)
When an aircraft fails to hook on an arresting gear cable and is required to enter the traffic pattern again, the action is known by what term
What method is used to release the arresting cable from the aircraft tailhook if the cable does not fall free normally
Pull the aircraft backwards
What is the name of the alternating red and white striped line that runs the length of the flight deck?
Foul line
What is used to recover aircraft that cannot make a normal arrested landing
What division works in conjunction with the V-2 division in the initial preparation of the barricade
What aircraft director hand signal is mandatory at all times?
Emergency stop
When the director gives the hand signal "Arms crossed above the head, palms facing forward," which signal is he giving
When the director gives the hand signal "Point right arm downward, left arm is repeatedly moved upward and backward," which signal is he giving
turn left
During night operations, what instruments are used by directors for taxiing signals?
At what intervals are the aircraft directors usually positioned along the flight deck during operations that require taxiing of aircraft?
50 to 100 ft
What class of ships embarks vertical, short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) aircraft?
For which reasons are aircraft secured by chocks and chains at all times when aboard ship?
Heavy seas make the ship pitch and roll, list of the ship caused by maneuvering, close proximity of the aircraft on the flight deck and hangar bay
What color wands are used by aircraft directors
What color wands are used by plane captains during night operations?
For what reason should aircraft wheel chocks be loosened during fueling operations?
They will be difficult to remove because of the added weight
Which of the following attachments are installed on the flight deck and hangar bay for the attachment of tie-down chain assemblies?
Pad eyes
When you secure aircraft in heavy weather, how will the procedures differ from that of normal weather conditions
More tie-down chains are used
Wh ich department is responsible for maintaining a security/integrity watch on the flight deck and hangar bay to ensure all aircraft remain properly secured?
Air department
(T/F) In severe cold weather environments, aircraft canopies should not be locked in the landing area because they will freeze "closed" and prevent brake rider protection.
What is the most common type of aircraft wheel chocks used aboard aircraft carriers?
The NWC-4 and NWC-5
What are the two available lengths of the TD-1A and TD-1B tie-down chain assemblies
9 and 14 ft
What is the working load of the Aero full power tie-down assembly?
30,000 pounds
How many general classes of tow bars are used in naval aviation?
What is the weight towing capacity of the universal aircraft tow bar, Model ALBAR (adjustable length tow bar)
90,000 pounds
Who is responsible at all times for the safety of embarded aircraft and personnel aboard ship?
Commanding officer
What term is used when the flight deck has unauthorized personnel in or around aircraft parked in the safe-parking area aft of the island
While taxiing the aircraft, what must the pilot do if he loses sight of the director?
Stop immediately
If an aircraft with inoperative brakes is to be towed and respotted, the cockpit must NOT be manned, and the chockman must be in position to chock the main wheels instantly when ordered
When squadron aircraft are shore based, the area where a group of aircraft is spotted or parked is referred to as?
The line
Which of the following personnel has the responsibility to direct and spot aircraft ashore?
Line Crew
Upon landing ashore and clearing the runway, the pilot will be assisted to the line for parking by what means?
A "follow me" vehicle
What method is used to distinguish flight line fire extinguishers from building fire-fighting equipment?
Color codes
What color is the 6-inch band around the top of a fire extinguisher on the line painted to identify carbon dioxide (CO2)
What color is the 6-inch band around the top of a fire extinguisher on the flight line painted to identify Halon?
Fluorescent yellow
What is a disadvantage of a multiengine aircraft equipped with nose wheel steering?
It limits the turning radius
What signal is given by the move director to have the brakes of the aircraft and tow tractor applied simultaneouslyin case of an emergency?
Blowing a whistle
What aircraft safety equipment should be installed before the aircraft is towed?
Landing gear safety lockpins
What, if anything, will occur if an aircraft nosewheel is turned beyond its limits while towing?
Structural damage will occur
Why should you leave sufficient slack in the line when securing an aircraft with manila line?
To allow for shrinkage that occurs when the line becomes wet
Multiengine aircraft are usually tied down at six points. (T/F)
Which of the helicopter hand signals are mandatory?
Wave-off and hold
What is the name of the director that is responsible for visually signaling to the helicopter?
Landing signal enlisted (LSE)
When the director gives the hand signal "arm extended horizontally sideways palm downward," which signal is he giving?
When the director gives the hand signal "arm circular motion in horizontal plane with right hand above head" which signal is he giving?
Engage rotors
Helicopters should NEVER be taxied on the flight deck of a ship (T/F)
What color light is displayed from the flight deck rotary beacon that indicates the ship is ready for the pilot to engage rotors?