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attack aircraft
the attack aricrafts main job is to destroy enemy targets, at sea and ashore, with rockets, guided missles, torpedoes, mines, and conventional or nuclear bombs
what is the main job and what type of weapons
transport planes carry cargo and personnel. they are mostely land-based long-range types
name first word what are they mostely based on THEY HAVE NO SEA LEGS
electronic-search and radar-countrmeasures equipment is used by aircraft to provide early warning of hostile aiircraft, missiles, ships, submarines, and evn bad weather
name and what they warn about
like attack planes, fighters are both carrier and land based. they are fatser and more maneuverable than attac planes. they intercept and engage enemy aircraft, defend surface forces, escort attack and reconnaissance aircraft, and support ground troops. they can be equiped to carry nuclear weap[ons, guided missles, and a mix of other weapons.
alot get the jist
helicopter missions include antisubmarine activity, attack, minesweeping, general utility, vertical envelopment, and vertical replenishment.
this aircrafts mission includes observation, forward air control, helicopter escort, armed reconnaissance, gunfire spotting, utility and limited ground attack
these large airplanes, with low speeds but very long flying range, have the primary mission of antisubmarine patrol. they also mine, bomb, and carry missles
searching out submarines visualy, by radar and magnetic detection, or by signals sent from floating sonobouys, these airplanes attack with rockets, depth charges, or homing torpedoes.
trainers are generally two-seat airplanes(instucot and student). most are turbine powered, designed with an emphasis on safety and versatility.