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What is the length of the aircraft
What is the wingspan of the aircraft
What is the height of the aircraft
What has the largest turning radius of the aircraft
What warning does the takeoff configuration give
Parking brake
What is the turning radius needed to clear the tail
What are the only displays that can be reverted
2 and 4
What does DU 3 always display
DU 1 and 5 are always
What is the reversion with the loss of EICAS
Both CPT and FO's MFD would show an EICAS
What is reversion priority
When does EICAS decluttering occur
30 seconds after landing gear retraction and flap/slat retraction
When the emergency lights are armed what does this mean
Emergency lights will come on wiyh loss of DC power, specifically DC BUS 1
The emergency light test swicth on the FA panel provides a test of the emergency lights for how long
One minute
What does the INHIB button do on the COCKPIT DOOR CONTROL
When pushed it inhibits the emergency call command for 500 seconds. Lights up a RED LED on the PX cabin control panel. The cockpit door will open 30 sec after the EMER CALL pushbutton is pushed unless the INHIB button is selected
If the emergency call command is pressed in the PX cabin and the INHIB button on the flight deck is not pressed what will happen
After 30 seconds the cockpit door will open
What button unlocks/locks the cockpit door
LOCK pushbutton (guarded switch)
Pushing the EMERG CALL button in the PX cabin alerts the crew how
"ding-dong" in the cockpit which repeats 3 times and if the INHIB button is not pressed within 30 seconds then the white stripe turns off and the door unlocks 4 seconds later
How many taxi lights are there
3, but only 2 switches
What monitors all the doors on the aircraft
PSEM-Proximity Sensor Evaluation Module
What will generate a windshear warning or caution
Warning=decreasing HW, severe downdrafts

Caution=increasing HW,severe updrafts
What is ADS 5 FOR
Flight controls
What is the primary flight instrument if both IRS's fails
When will the EICAS display all its information
Gear down,flaps extended,or spoilers are deployed under normal conditions

APU running

One of declutter items has a problem
What runways are included in the EGPWS database
>3500 ft w/published approach
How long before terrain impact with a red or amber warning
Red=30 seconds
Amber=60 seconds
When should the GRND PROC TERR INHB button be used
Airports not in the EGPWS database
How long will a windshear alert last
1500 ft RA
What does an ATT or HDG flag on the PFD indicate
Attitude or Heading can't be determined by the IRS
What does a red X indicate on the A/S,ALT, or VSI
Can't be determined by the ADS
What is the function of the GND PROX GS INHB button
To cancel unwanted glideslope alerts below 2000 ft
When will the FGCS select low bank
What degree is low bank
17 degrees
What is FPA
Flight Path Angle is a pilot selectable pitch attitude of climb or descent
When will the FD automatically display
TOGA pressed
Autopilot activated
Windshear Detection
What is the TCS button
Allows overide of the autpilot. When released the aircraft will maintain new altitude, but will recapture later mode
Will the autothrottles compensate for gusty winds
Up to 5 knts
What will disengage the autopilot
Diret mode
AP button is pushed
Manual pitch trim activated
AP/TRIM DISC button pressed
Stick shaker activated
Aileron or elevator disconnect
Overpowering the yoke
When will the autothrottles disengage
-TLA difference of 8 degrees
-AT DISC pushed
-AT button on GP pushed
-TLA beyond TOGA
-TLA reduced below 40 degrees during hold mode
-WOW and TL at idle and AT in retard position
When will the autothrottles engage
TLA above 60 degrees
What are the thrust rating modes
Takeoff (TO)
Go-Around (GA)
Climb-1 (CLB-1)
Climb-2 (CLB-2)
Cruise (CRZ)
Continuous (CON)
When is HOLD mode activated on the FPA
60 knts
When is TRK mode activated on the FPA
100 knts
What does HOLD mode mean
TL movements are not commanded until 400 ft
What does the FADEC do when it detects an engine failure to the autothrottles
The AT deactivates the respective thrust lever
What mode does FLCH use
What does OVRD mean on the FMA
Thrust levers are being manually moved
What does LIM mean on the FMA
The selected vertical mode requires more or less engine thrust than is available
What limitations are imposed on a new FO with regards to landing and takeoff
-Contaminated runway
-RVR <4000
-Braking less than good
-Crosswind component >15 knts
-Visibility <3/4 mile
-Special use airport
-Windshear reported
-Deemed by the captain
What color will the LOC and GS be when they are armed on the FMA? What color when they have captured
Pushing the EMER button on the audio panel does what
Sounds a triple HI/LO tone though the PA system, illuminates a red light at the ceiling of the FA station, and enables communication between cockpit and FA's
What white bar will illuminate without being pushed
How long must the photoilluminicent floor lights stay on for during an emergency
7 hours, provided they have been charged for at least 15 minutes of bright exposure to the ceiling and entrance cabin lights