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How many phases of change are there ? and what are they ?
3 ;change sponsor, change agent, and change targets.
since 1990 what are some major changes that have happend in the Air Force ?
reduced overseas assingments, reduced total strengh by almost 50%, BMT, and promoted an expeditionary mind set.
what are the 4 levels of change ?
knowledege , attitude, indivisual behavior, group behavior.
what reaction is usually first when there is chage ?
the directive change cycle uses what ? to change group / indivisual behaivior that causes an increase in knowledge , & ultimately change in attitude.
power / authority
when is a good time to use the directive change cycle ?
when subordinates are being shit bags and you need to save time.
participative change cycle is normally ?
longer lasting
the 3 phases of the change process are ?
unfreezing, changing, and refreezing.
what are some strategies to deal with resistance ?
actively seek buy-in, develop an implementation plan.