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According to AFMAN 36-2108m which of the following is not a responsibility of the 1N0X1 AFSC?
Debriefs enemy personnel captured by US and allied forces.
At what point in your intelligence career are you enrolled in the 1N051 CDCs?
Operations Intelligence Apprentice
How long must you spend in upgrade training status before being awarded your 7-skill level in the 1N0X1 career field?
18 months
Which of the following is a duty you are more likely to perform as a Senior or Chief Master Sergeant in the 1N0X1 AFSC?
Airman assignments
Which intelligence AFSC performs duties as a senior operator for UAVs?
Which intelligence AFSC is responsible for collecting, analyzing, processing, and deriving intelligence information from non-communications electromagnetic transmissions?
At the tactical level in dedicated intelligence centers afloat, where is naval intelligence conducted?
Aircraft Carrier Intelligence Center (CVIC)
Which US Navy intelligence specialty performs duties that most closely resemble those performed by the 1N0X1 AFSC?
Which US Navy intelligence specialty provides target intelligence support to tactical mission planners, and maintains tactical level targeting folders?
Which US navy intelligence specialty produces imagery-based products for use by the TLAM Afloat Planning System?
What is the designation assigned to the Marine Corps component intelligence staff officer at the regiment/battallion level?
Which Marine Corps intelligence specialty performs duties that correlate closely to the 1N0X1 AFSC?
MOS 0231
Which Marine Corps intelligence specialty conducts geospatial, geodetic, hydrographic, and satellite analysis and surveys?
MOS 0261
Which US Army intelligence MOS is considered the "quarterback" of all Army enlisted intelligence specialties?
Which US Army intelligence MOS fuses intelligence information collected by the 98G, and disseminates it to higher headquarters?
What Executive Order outlines the goals of the US intelligence effort and the structure of the US Intelligence Community?
Executive Order 12333
The President is at the top of the US intelligence pyramid, and is responsible for directing all national intelligence activites through which agency?
National Security Council(NSC)
What national level oranization is responsible for approving all National Intelligence Estimates?
National Foreign Intelligence Board (NFIB)
What national level organization is resonsible to the President through the DCI, and accountable to the American people through the intelligence oversight committees of the US Congress?
Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)
What CIA directorate produces quick-reaction papers, and supports diplomatic negotiations and military operations?
Within the Executive Branch, what oranization is considered the lead US foreign affairs agency?
Department of State
What organization serves as the US Government's focal point for threat assessment, warning, investigation, and response for threats or attacks against telecommunications, energy, banking and finance, water systems, government operations, and emergency services?
National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC)
What directorate within the Department of Homeland Security maps the vulnerabilities of the nation's critical infrastructure against a comprehensive analysis of intelligence and public source information to protect the nation against terrorist attack?
Information Analysis and Infrastructure Directorate (IAIP)
What Department of Homeland Defense entity makes full use of all terrorist threat-related information and expertise to the US Government, and provides comprehensive all-source threat analysis to the President, the DHS, and to other Federal agencies?
Terrorist Threat Integration Center (TTIC)
Which of the following in not a tenet of intelligence, according to Joint Publication 2-02, National Intelligence Support to Joint Operations?
What organization's primary functional national responsibility is to coordinate (not control) the intelligence activities performed by the military components?
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)
What DOD-level organization serves as the OPR for airborne reconaissance?
Defense Airborne Reconaissance Office (DARO)
What MAJCOM is tasked specifically to provide homeland defense and civil support?
What organization processes, analyzes, and consolidates data to produce fused intelligence information focused on USECOM's area of responsibility, and is the principal element for ensuring effective intelligence support for combatant commanders and theater forces?
Joint Analysis Center (JAC)
Who is responsible for ensuring timely intelligence is provided to DOD entities, including the Joint Staff, the services, combatant commands, other defense entities, and applicable agencies and departments outside the DOD?
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS)
In multinational operations, who retains overall command authority over US forces, but may place appropriate forces under the operational control of a foreign commander to achieve specific military objectives?
What unit manages ACC's overall intelligence combat readiness, unit advocacy, and is the focal point for targeting, geospatial issues and collection management?
ACC Intelligence Squadron
What unit provieds time-sensitive reporting of strategic indications of enemy bomber and naval deployments and movements that pose a potential threat to North America and the US?
1st AF, Continental US NORAD Region (CONR)
What PACAF unit forms the Commander, Pacific Air Forces, and USPACOM air component commander's combat intelligence staff?
What AF MAJCOM provides threat assessments and defines the intelligence infrastructure support required by new weapon systems?
Air Force Material Command (AFMC)
What type of intelligence information deals with an enemy's combat plans, strength, and tactics, as applied to combat operations?
Tactical Intelligence
What sources of intelligence is information comprised either individually or in combination with COMINT, FISINT, and ELINT?
Signals Intelligence (SIGINT)
What type of intelligence is derived from the collection and analysis of non-information bearing elements, extracted from the electromagnetic energy unintentionally emanated by foreign devices, equipment, and systems (excluding atomic and nuclear detonations)?
Radiological Intelligence (RADINT)
What ELINT requirements include the data necessary to determine an emmitter's function, capability, vulnerability, and technical characteristics?
(ELTEC) requirements
What intelligence requirement is developed to answer very specific questions, and normally involves time-dominant information and high perishability?
Responsibility for the overall efficient management and guidance of the intelligence cycle begins in which phase of the process?
What type of collection method is conducted openly and may be acknowledged by and attributed to its sponsor and participants?
What arrangement allows for the efficient use of resources within the theater, and eliminates shortfalls, duplication of effort, and confusion during the collection activities?
All-source analysis
Almost all intelligence information should be screened _______ for priority action?
What intelligence reference document provides an up-to-date summary of essential information on military forces, with emphasis on characteristics and performance of major items of military equipment?
AFTTP 3-1, Vol 2, Threat Reference Guide and Countertactics
What is the objective of interpretation?
Satisfy the EEI that originally set the intelligence process in motion
What type of intelligence information reporting is in response to specific, validated requirements?
The value of intelligence is based on its usefulness to the commander and staff, not it's _______?
What type of collection method is planned and executed to conceal the identity of the sponsor, and allows for plausible denial?
What method of intelligence report writing tells the commander what resources and capabilities are available to the enemy, and aids in planning?
Intelligence estimate of the situation
What is the principal benefit of the Shared Production Program?
Using avalailable intelligence resources effectively
What is the assignment of production responsibilities under the SPP based on?
mission requirements
Which of the following represents an example of federated an example of federated production in ISR operations?
Collection units are geographically separated from, and not subordinate to, the COMAFFOR
What AFI outlines the scope of the Air Force Intelligence Oversight Program?
AFI 14-104
Select the statement that best describes the purpose of the Intelligence Oversight program?
Enable intelligence personnel to perform their duties while preserving US citizen's rights
What Executive Order established the Intelligence Oversight Board as a standard committee of the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board?
EO 12863
In the context of your responsibilities concerning Intelligence Oversight, a unit authorized to collect, process, retain, or disseminate intelligence information, counterintelligence, terrorism, or narcotics activities, what are you involved with?
intelligence activity
Which of the following is not included in typical MIDB products and outputs?
Facility and unit threat evaluation data and remarks
What intelligence architecture provides automated air campaign planning, execution monitoring, and intelligence capabilities for force-level air operations?
What TBMCS-I3 resident application provides a near-real time correlated view of land, sea, air, and Theater Missile Defense tracks?
Situational Awareness/Assessment (SAA)
What intelligence architecture is currently the Combat Air Force's primary unit-level intelligence system for automated receipt, correlation, and dissemination of intelligence in direct support of air operations?
What ADOCS function provides near real time depiction of the artillery battle?
Counterfire Common Operational Picture (CF-COP)
Which of the following is not a key function within the ADOCS suite of applications?
Improved Many on Many
What TBMCS-UL application allows users the ability to perform imagery exploitation, analysis, and change detection?
What application provides the capability to extract highly precise, mensurated coordinates for use by precision-guided munitions?
What system provides near-real time global surveillance information from UHF satelite communications intelligence networks for sensor cueing?
What intelligence system is both an architecture framework and an integrated intelligence dissemination and collaboration service that provides uniform methods for exchanging information among intelligence providers and users?
What intelligence system(s) comprise the joint standard and foundation for commonality among intelligence support systems?
When raw imagery intelligence data is converted into a more usable intelligence product, what form does the product generally take?
Imagery Interpretation Report
What intelligence system serves as the authoritive source for targets for the entire imagery and geospatial community, and provides RMS exploitation feedback?
What intelligence system provides a database designed to support the national intelligence community for registration, validation, tracking, and management of Production Requirements?
Which of the following is not a system capability of the Distributed Common Ground System?
Calculation and display of threat modeling, lethality data, and probability of detection
What DCGS component permits the DGS to remain in garrison while supporting forward deployed aircraft?
The basic DOD policies on why we classify information and the different levels of classification can be found in DOD 5200.1R and what other directive?
AFI 31-401
What Executive Order established a process to identify information that must be protected as national security information?
EO 12958
What category of classification identifies national security information or material that requires some protection?
What category of classification would apply if the authorized disclosure of information could result in significant impairment of a program or policy directly related to national security?
What should be done if information that might be classified is encountered, but a source cannot be readily found to verify whether it is or isn't classified?
Protect it as CONFIDENTIAL at a minimum until the actual classification level is determined
Under what program does the protection of unclassified information of possible intelligence value fall?
Which of the following is not considered an EEFI?
Threats in the unit's area of interest
Which of the following is not considered an additional warning/caveat to restrict the distribution of classified material?
Restricted To:
According to AFI 34-401, in which of the following does the AF authorize the use of LIMDIS controls?
classified messages
How is a document marked that contains sensitive information provided by a foreign government?
Foreign Government Information
What Standard Form is used to mark computer media classified Secret?
SF 707
Which method of transporting classified information can be used for Secret material, but is not authorized for Top Secret material?
Registered US mail
What is used to identify Top Secret material that includes the title, date of the document, identify of the originator, date the document was received, number of copies received or later reproduced, and final disposition?
Top Secret Register
How often must Top Secret documents and materials be inventoried?
At least annually
What form is used to show that a secure container has been properly locked and checked?
SF Form 702
What Air Force source document should be consulted for special storage requirements for SCI material?
AFMAN 14-304
When a temporarily accredited facility is required for the storage, handling, and processing of SCI material, for how long may it be established, and who is the approving authority?
Six months or less; HQ AF/INSC
In which of the following areas is the storage of SCI material authorized?
Temporary secure area
Which of the following forms are normally used to record and certify the destruction of classified material?
AFFMS 145, 310, and 1565
Which of the following is not one of the three general criteria that must be met before allowing an individual access to classified information?
An emergency situation that dictates immediate access
What NATO security classification marking is comparable to our FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY information marking?
What Air Force source document provides in-depth coverage of the requirements for the marking, safeguarding, storage and dissemination of NATO classified materials?
AFI 31-406
OPSEC is the process of denying our adversaries information about our capabilities and intentions by identifying, controlling, and protecting which of the following?
indicators about planning and conducting military operations
What are the other OPSEC indicators that might disclose our vulnerabilities to our adversaries besides communications?
operations, intelligence, and administrative indicators
Which of the following is not a protective measure that falls under COMSEC?
Information security
What causes the majority of all security problems involving COMPUSEC?
The user's ignorance of established procedures