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What is the mission of the Air Force
To Defend the United States through control and exploitation of air and space
what is the USAF vision Statement
Air Force people building the world's most respected air and space power and reach for America
What are the USAF Core Values
Integrity First, Service Before Self, excellence in all we do
When was the Air Force Created
Sept 18, 1947
How was the USAF created
President Truman signed the National Security Act of 1947 and made the US Army Air Corp a new branch of service
Who convinced President Truman to seperate the air force from the army
Jimmy Doolittle and Billy Mitchell
What was the first major triumph
the berlin airlift
Where were USAF jets first flown in combat
Korea, the F-86 saber
Who was the first USAFA grad to win the medal of honor
Capt. Lance Sijan
What are the USAF core competencies
-Air and Space Superiority
-Global Attack
-Rapid Global Mobility
-Information Superiority
-Precision Engagement
-Agile Combat Support
Air and Space Superiority
Control over what moves through air or space
Global Attack
The ability to attack rapidly anywhere on the globe at any time
Rapid Global Mobility
The use of Air Expeditionary Forces to rapidly deploy from the us to anywhere in the world
Information Superiority
The ability of Joint teams to achieve dominant battlefield awareness through the air force's ability to provide global awareness, intelligence, communications, and weather and navigational support
Precision Engagement
the capability to apply force against specific targets and achieve discrete and distince effects
Agile Combat support
air force combat support operations to improve the responsiveness and sustainability while deploying their forces
Air Combat command
Langley AFB, Virginia
Air Education and Training Command
Randolph AFB, Texas
Air Force Material Command
Wright-patterson AFB, Ohio
Air forces space command
Peterson AFB, Colorado
Air Force Special Operaions Command
Hurlburt Field, Florida
Air Mobility Command
Scott AFB, Illinois
Pacific Air Forces
Hickam AFB, Hawaii
US Air Forces in Europe
Ramstein AB, Germany
What is the mission of the USAFA
To inspire and develop outstanding young men and women to become Air Force Officers with knowledge, character, and discipline motivated to lead the world's greatest aerospace force in service to the nation
How many cadets reported for induction on July 11, 1955
How man graduated from the first class of the USAFA in 1959