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What is the weight of the MD-3; MD-3 with TAU installed?
12,000lbs; 12,500
What is the weight of the NC-2?
What is the weight of the SD-2?
What is the weight of the 20K?
What is the weight of the CVCC?
What is maximum gross weight of the ALBAR?
What can be ussed for taxing A-4 our of the gear? They should not be turned more than how many degrees?
tiller; 30 degree
Where are wheel brakes located on a H-60?
both sets of controls
When locking/unlocking the tailwheel locking pin the towbar attached should not be moved more than how many feet of the centerline?
2 ft
Prior to sending a H-60, to the hangar deck what shoul you do?
Tailwheel strut must be extended for the spotting dolly
What disengages the steering of a nose wheel on an A-6?
A tog lock when it is turned 56 degree past from the center
What is the difference between the A-6 a/c and the EA-6B?
EA-6B has a longer fuselage and special atennas
What kind of canopy does an EA-6B have?
Clamshell shall not be opened in winds in excess of 60 knots
How tall is the F-14 horizontal tail when kneeled?
4 1/2 feet from the deck
What is the max power steering range of a F-14?
70 degrees not to exceed 90 degrees