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type of the Air Conditioning (AC) plants
Six, 250-ton centrifugal chill water A/C plants that operate with R-114 type refrigerant.
refrigeration units onboard
Two, 8-ton reciprocating refrigeration plants that operate with R-134A type refrigerant.
Compresses refrigerant into a high pressure gas; moves refrigerant though the refrigeration cycle.
Chill water pump
Circulates the chilled water throughout the ship, then back to the A/C plants.
Condenses the compressed refrigerant into a liquid state. Seawater in tubes cools the refrigerant outside the tubes. The vapor condenses into liquid.
Storage area (tank) for liquid refrigerant after being condensed. Also, when maintenance or repairs are made, the unit is "pumped down" which returns and stores all the refrigerant to the receiver.
Freeze box
Used for the preservation and storage of frozen stores.
Chill box
Used for the preservation and storage of stores requiring refrigeration and humidity control and for thawing frozen stores.
Thermal expansion valve
Regulates the amount of refrigerant admitted into the evaporator.