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There was a dramatic increase in three of the following economic indicators during the mid 1920s. which is the exception?
rate of inflation
america's economic boom in the 1920s resulted from
all of the above
Which of the following industries seemed least affected by the trend toward consoidation in the 1920s
cotton textles
the "welfare capitalism" of the 1920s did not provide American workers any
real control over their own fates
the essence of welfare capitalism was
company-provided benefits for workers
which of the following did not contribute to the weakness of the organized labor movement in America in the 1920s
the radical leadership of the AFL
In the 1920s and after, the term "parity" was used to refer to
a fair exchange price for farm crops
Which of the following industries was most closely associcated with the rise of consmerism in America inthe 1920s
Margaret Sanger was significant to Amerian social and cultural life in the 1920s as a promoter of
the birth-control movement
What is the exception of changing cultural values among Americans in the 1920s
Birth-control devices were legalized in all states and abortion was legalized in some states
according to the text, which of the following had the greatest influence in producing the sense of disillusionment characterisitc of the Lost Generation
The traumatic experience of WWI
H.L. Mencken was significant to American social and cultural life in the 1920s as
a sarcastic debunker of traditional culture
A principal theme of Sinclair Lewis's novels in the 1920s was
contempt for modern American society
The Harlem Renaissance referred to
a movement in black literature, art, and music
What is the exception to accuratley describe the "noble experiment" of prohibition
The Great Depression hindered efforts to repeal prohibition
What was not a provision of the immigration laws passed in 1921 and 1924
Restrictions on Japanese, Chinese, and Korean immigration were eased
What does not describe the new Ku Klux Klan (1916)
Confined its activities to protests and symbolism rather than violence
A Christian fundamentalist is one who
believes in the fundamental inerrancy of the New Testament
John T. Scopes was accused of the "crime" of teaching
that Darwinism evolution best explains the origins of humans
The most important problem faced by the Democratic Party in the 1920s was
a serious split between urban and rural wings of the party