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If caller expresses general displeasure or uses profanity in normal conversation but is not being verbally abusive, you should?
Continue with the call flow.
If call is being transferred from a Sykes CSC or another MetLife A & H CSC
Reactivate the case
If a caller is using Abusive/Inappropriate Language, you should first...
Try to calm caller as much as possible.
When closing the call, you should...
Recap any commitments or changes made, and update other policies as necessary (for example, PELP).
For Potential Customers, you should follow KA links...
A&H Sales Leads or Customer Referrals - Reference Customer Referrals Knowledge Tree.
Privacy Screening is to...
Ensure the privacy of our customers.
Privacy Screening basic criteria...
policy number, customer name, date of birth, and zip code.
Under privacy screening you must determine who the caller is. What are the different party types?
First party
Interested third party
Non-interested party
First Party callers are also known as...
Policyholder or Insured