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Password utility that is used to change, unlock, and reset your passwords for your MetLife applications.
Customer service system where you start and end every call. MetCare includes:

• Basic customer information
• Records of previous calls
• Service events that launch to other A&H systems
Agent Resource Site (ARS)
ARS holds most customer and policy information and allows you to make changes to customer and policy information.
Other functions of ARS include allowing you to access:

-Docucorp Form Letters
- Knowledge (KANA)
Alt Desk is a menu that allows you to sign on to numerous legacy database applications.
Knowledge (KANA)
Knowledge is the Auto & Home reference library.

– Procedures
– Current state reference
– Talking Points
– Group procedures
Alerts are a function in MetCare that provide servicing notes as soon as you enter a customer’s policy.
Knowledge- Procedures
Contains procedures related to processing changes to Auto and Home policies:

• Rate pursuit
Knowledge- Group A&H Procedures
Contains procedures related to processing changes to GROUP Auto and Home policies.
Docucorp- Form Letters
Form letters allows you to send correspondence to the customer.
Common uses are:

• Proof of insurance to lienholder
• Auto explanation of rate increase
• Paid in full receipt
Knowledge- Current State Reference
Current state reference contains state-specific policy options and guidelines.

• Basic Coverage limits
• Optional Coverage limits and deductibles
• Discounts and eligibility
Knowledge- Talking Points
Talking Points provides explanations for MetLife policies and procedures that can sometime be difficult to explain to the customer:

• Why do rates increase?
• Why are young drivers so expensive to insure?
• How does credit affect my rates?
MetCare Processes- Completed on Every Call
MetCare Processes:

• Complete Security
• Complete contact information
• Select Relationship
• Select Source
MetCare- Service Event
• Used to process referrals to other departments
• Link to other systems i.e. ARS and AltDesk
• Require an Activity Reason to be selected
Knowledge Assistant (KA)
Houses steps/processes and comments on what is new, changed, or updated.