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Homeowner Insurance
Policy providing coverage for:

• the home and contents
• Liability arising from ownership of the home
Coverage A- Dwelling
The structure in which the insured lives.
Coverage B- Other Structures
Structures on the insured’s property that are not attached to the dwelling
Coverage C- Personal Property
The personal belongings of the insured.
Homeowner Rating Factors
Characteristics of risk’s that impact premium:

• Weather patterns
• Fire department response time
• Distance to a fire hydrant
• Distance to the fire department
• Loss statistics in the area.
Mobile Home
A version of the Home policy:

endorsement of home contract to cover the risk for customers owning a mobile home.
Coverage A Limits
Coverage A limits are:
• Calculated on the cost to rebuild the insured
• Calculated by MetLife industry leading software
• Not based on the market value of the home
Landlord Tenant
A version of the Home policy:

endorsement that covers the risks of the customers owning rental property, in which they do not live.
Coverage G- Medical Payments
Covers medical costs for injuries to guests in the insured’s home, regardless of fault.
Coverage D- Loss of Use
MetLife will pay for the reasonable increase to maintain your standard of living if your covered residence premises is uninhabitable due to a covered loss.
Coverage F- Liability
Pays reasonable bodily injury and property damage expenses to a third party for which the insured is held legally liable
Inflation Protection
Inflation Protection

Policy feature that increases the Coverage A amount annually to keep pace with inflation costs.

Inflation protection is required on all policies that have optional coverages 2 and 3