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which person was not present at the 2nd continental congress
benedict arnold
who was chosen as president of the 2nd continental congress
ben frankin
which was not an action of the the seconinental congress?

a. declaring enlish the official language of america
b. setting up a post office
c. establishing the continental army
d. authorizing the printing of money
a. declaring english the official language of america
published the common sense
thomas paine
in june 1776 who proposed a resolution for independence
richard henry lee
wrote declaration of independence
thomas jefferson
sent her husband a letter demanding rights for women
abigail adams
date that the 2nd continential congress approved the declaration of independence
july 1776
inflamed anti- british feelings with an engraving of the boston massacre
paul revere
passed by parliment in 1773, it excused east india company from paying taxes
the tea act
vowed to punish boston
king georage III
revived in 1772 by samuel adams
boston committee of correspondance
acted rudely and somtimes violently toward the colonists
colonists name for the laws passed in 1774 that took away many of the massachusetts colonists rights
intolerable acts