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What is a vertebrate?
an animal with a backbone
What are arthropods?
This is the largest group of invertebrates. They are animals with jointed legs (insects)
What are crustaceans?
a group of arthropods that include crabs, lobsters, and crayfish
What are gills?
a structure used by animals to breathe in water
What are flatworms?
a thin, flat worm that is a parasite~ It feeds on other living things.
What is metamorphosis?
a major change in form that occurs as some animals become adults
Why can reptiles live in dry places?
because they have watertight skin
What is the lowest level of the classification system?
What is the 2-word name using an organism's genus and species called?
It is the organism's scientific name.
What animals have hair covering most of their bodies?
What type of symmetry do cnidarians have?
radial symmetry
What is the largest group of invertebrates called?
What is taxonomy?
the science that classifies organisms based on the features they share
What is the mnemonic device for remembering the classification system?
Kids Put Clothes On For Going (to) School ~ Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species.
What are the simplest animals?