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What are some characteristics of the bronze age of man?
They were inferior to the silver race and were very violent. They loved Ares and had many weapons.
What happened to men of the gold age when they died?
Death was more a gentle sleep. Their spirits roamed the earth afterwards and protected the generations that lived after them.
What is the fourth age of man?
Race of Heros.
What are the characteristics of the gold age of man?
The gold age of man was pure, they respected each otherand the gods, and treated each other justly.
What was the second age of man?
Silver age.
Waht happened to men of the silver age when they died?
Their bodies would enter the earth and thier spirits entered the underworld.
What are some characteristics of the silver age?
The people of the silver age never treated each other with kindness, they were unhappy and had no respect.
What happened to the people of the bronze age when they died?
They brought death upon themselves through endless war and violence. Their spirits would enter the dark, dismal underworld.