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What is an encounter?
A meeting, such as one between people who have never met before
What is a monarch?
A king or a queen
What is the Prime Meridian?
The meridian marked 0 . It runs north and south through Greenwich , England
What is navigation?
The study or act of planning and controlling the course of a ship
What is a compass?
An instrument to find direction. It has a needle that always points north
What is Exploration?
Searching the unknown
What is a cartographer?
A person who makes maps.
What is the Equator?
A parallel marked 0. It runs east and west. This latitude line divides the earth into Northern and Southern Hemispheres
What are parallels?
East –west lines on a map or globe that are always the same distance apart, also called lines of latitude
What are Meridians?
North-south lines on a map or globe that run from pole to pole, also called lines of longitude