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Encyclopedia aimed at...
secularisation of knowledge based on belief in science, progress and the perfectability of man.
Essential Ideas of Enlightenment are...
1. Man is not innately depraved.
2. The aim of life is life itself
3. The essential condition for the good life on earth is freeing men's minds from ignorance and superstition.
4. Man, free of ignorance and of the arbitrary powers of the state, is capable of progress and perfection.
5. Everything is inter-connected, and forms part of the grand scheme of a benevolent Providence.
What are the years of the Age of Reason?
What is the difference between France and England?
F: intellectual and political upheaval
E: concentrated on trade, wealth, and agriculture
What did Paine publish? What did he fight for?
"Common Sense" pamphlets for American Revolution; Declaration of Independence/ Declaration of Rights of Man
What did Wollstonecraft write? What did she argue?
"Vindiction of Rights of Woman"; "Mind has no sex"
What was the year of the Glorious Revolution?
When were the first encyclopedias published?
Previously exiled from England during the Puritan reign of Cromwell...
Charles II was invited by Parliament in 1660 to return to England and restore the monarchy
Mary and William replaced...
James in 1688
The 1689 Bill of Rights allowed...
propertied classes to rule through an elected Parliament
The Act of Settlement prevented ________ and allowed _________.
Roman Catholic Stuarts from reigning in the future; the throne should go next to James I Protestant relations
What disasters occured?
Plague: 1665; 70,000 died
Fire: 1666; 13,000 houses and 88 churches
Poems are organized as arguments...
which praise power of imagination.
The wedding epitomizes...
entrance into social community
Satire was quite popular in...
ancient Greece and Rome and persisted in the fabliau and beast epic during the Middle Ages
Horation satire
tolerant, indulgent, amused and witty
Juvenalian satire
biting, bitter, angry
Satirists and parodists are likely to use...
exaggeration, incongruity, irony
Parody is __________, while satire is __________.
humorous imitation of a style/lit/art; ridicules failing of society
Rousseau said...
"Man is naturally good, and only by institutions is he made bad"