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Protestants who differed with the Church of England
Spanish fleet - Phillip II lost to England
Phillip II's Rival leader
Elizabeth I of England
El Greco
Meaning "the Greek" - a famous painter of Spain's Golden age
Don Quixote
The first modern novel in Europe written by Miguel de Cervantes
St. Bartholomew's massacre
A killing at a Huguenot and Catholic royal wedding that led to the massacre of 3,000 Huguenots. *Symbolized the complete breakdown of order in France.*
Louis XIII
Henry IV's son who inherited the throne at the age of 9 in 1610
Known as "The Sun King"
Louis XIV
"I am the State"
Louis XIV famous quote
Louis XIV finance minister
Jean Baptiste Colbert
Balance of Power
A distribution of military and economic power that would prevent any one nation from dominating Europe.
Who was England ran by from 1485-1603?
The Tudor Dynasty
Last Tudor to rule England
Elizabeth I
The first Stuart ruler for England
James I
Oliver Cromwell
Leader of the Roundheads
The branch of English government that made a limited Monarchy?
English Civil War
War between Charles I (Cavaliers) and Oliver Cromwell (roundheads)
Glorious Revolution
James II is kicked out by Parliament and replaced by his Protestant daughter, Mary , and her Protestant husband, William.
Habeas Corpus
No person could be held in prison without first being charged w/ a specific crime.
Limited monarchy
a constitution or legislative body limits the monarch's powers.
Petition of Right
King cannot raise taxes w/o Parliament's consent and he cannot put someone in jail for no just cause.
Act of Supremacy
made the Monarch head of the Church of England.
soldiers for hire
Reduction in population
Peace of Westphalia
Ended the Thirty Years' War. It marked the end of the Holy Roman Empire as an effective institution and inaugurated the modern European state system
Frederick II
Leader of Prussia
Maria Theresa
Leader of Austria
How did Frederick the great (II) rule his country?
Harsh military
Peter the Great
Russian leader to worked to westernize Russia
the adoption of western ideas, technology, and culture