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What is the specie of the mouse?
Mus musculus
What are some characteristics of the mouse?
>social and active
>burrow and nest
How many digits are on the mice front feet? Rear feet?
front > 4 digits
rear > 5 digits
What is the normal TPR of a mouse?
T > 98-101
P > 400-700
R > 100-200
What is the tooth anatomy of the mouse?
I - 1
M - 3
What is the lung anatomy of the mouse?
Left 1 lobe
Right 4 lobes
How many mammary glands do mice have?
5 pair
What are the characteristics of the male mouse?
nipples absent
spleen is larger
Os penis
Open inguinal canal
musky odor
How many days is the estrus cycle of a mouse?
4-5 day cycle
When do mice reach puberty?
35 days
What is the gestation period of the mouse?
19-21 days
When do the ears open in a baby mouse?
3 days
When do the eyes open in a baby mouse?
12-14 days
When are mice weaned?
11-14 days (can be up to 21)
What is the breeding lifespan of mice?
9 months
What does axenic mean?
germ free
no detectable organisms
What does Gnotobiotic mean?
specific flora, fauna
What temperature should the environment be for mice?
What should the humidity be in the mice environment?
What is the correct water amount for mice?
What is the amount of rodent chow mice should get?
What respiratory disease do mice get?
Mycoplasma pneumonia
What are the clinical signs of Mycoplasma pneumonia?
>ruffled coat, hunched
>Oculonasal discharge
What GI disease do mice get?
Tyzzers disease
Clostridium piliforme
What are the clinical signs of Tyzzers Disease?
>weight loss