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When are bronchodilators used?
when bronchi and/or bronchioles constrict
What are bronchodilators used for?
anaphylactic shock
congestive heart failure
What are the bronchodilator drugs?
How does Aminophylline work?
inhibits the smooth muscle contraction
When is Theophylline usually used?
When there is a resistance to aminophylline
Which bronchodilators are available in both oral and parenteral form?
How does Albuterol work?
opens up bronchial passages by blocking recptor sides of histamine
Albuterol is available in what form?

**cats have a mask inhaler**
What are anti-tussives used for?
Cough (due to infectious disease)
Anti-tussive contain either ______ or ________.
codeine or opioids
What are the anti-tussive drugs?
Butorphanol (Torb)
Hydrocodone (Hycodan, Tussagon)
Butorphanol is both a _______ and _______.
analgesic and antitussive
When used as an anti-tussive what type of cough is Butorpahnol used for?
dry productive cough
How does Hydrocodone work?
reduces the cough which quiets the bronchial/tracheal inflammation
What are the side effects of the anti-tussive drugs?
How do anti-histamines work?
blocks the effects of histamines
What are histamines?
chemicals released by tissues in response to inflammation
What do histamines do?
help heal the body
When histamines are abundant what can they cause?
systemic effects
>>asthma, allergies, anaphylactic shock
What are the clinical uses of anti-histamines?
>feline asthma
>insect bites
>prevent allergic reaction
What are the anti-histamine drugs?
>Diphenhydramine (Benadryl)
>Hydroxazine (Atarax)
>Clemestine (Tavist)
Hydroxazine (Atarax) is usually used for?
allergic dermatitis in cats and dogs