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Who is Orlando Patterson?
Orlando patterson
a sociologist at Harvard University
- said that you cant really tell what a slave believed (pressure was still there)
- adapted to slavery to survive
Who founded the Black community?
Richard Allen founded the first black community
- He was born a slave/ bought himself out.
FOunded the Free African Society
- also founded the AME Church "Mother Bethel"
Who is Absalom Jones?
He is the co funder of the Free african Society
Founded the St. Thomas Episcopal Church.. a branch of the anglican church
Wasan ELITIST-- though blacks should follow whites
What are the main 6 Black churches discussed in class?
Ame church--taken from the methodist. mixed
Episcopal- from Anglican- light skin
Presperterians- under control of whites
Baptist- grew after civil
BlackMethodist from white methodist
Church of God in Christ- broke away from the baptist church. Extremely bible oriented/ Strict regulation
Who is Rev Tindley?
Reverent Tindley was a janitorthat lady became a preacher
-We are understanding by and by
Who is Alexander Pushkin?
A Black Russian
ONe of Russias Greatests Poets
- created the modern russian literary language
-Grandson of a slave
The greatest of Russian Writers?
works are War and Peace and Ana Karinina
Who are the NEO- COnServatiVes
NEo conservatives are old democrats.
City College Jews
Against ...... affirmitave actionand is for militirism
What is the New Deal?
The new deal is
Who is UV Phillops?
Interpreted slves.
Wrote the BLack people enjoyed slavery.
Stanley Elkins is....
the person who created the Sambo thesis.
Blacks became infantile
Who is daniel Moynihan?
The moynihan Report... the govt shouldnt hlp blacks. Blacks should help themselves.
Who is Alex Duamas?
writer of the 3 Musketeers
What is the Amistad?
A boad witht he captain Cinquop
What is the triangula Trade?
Who is John Locke?
British Philosopher
Life liberty and alienable rights and proberty
founder of our political traditions