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African Theatre Co.
-Formed by James Hewlett, AA singer/actor, in 1820s
-Performed at African Grove, started by William Henry Brown
King Shotaway
-first play written by AA, William Henry Brown
-performed be African Co. in African Grove
Ira Aldridge
-Good career in England as Shakespeare actor
-Greatest tragedian of his time
-famous role of othello
-buried w/ full state honors for best actors
-originated in plantation culture
-performed in black face
-music folk songs
-most popular form of entertainment 1860s-90s
Paul Roberson
-Shakespeare/tragedy, played Othello
-did better in England
-Known for Showboat
Early Black Musicals
The Creole Show
The Octoroons
*financially successful
Early black theatre companies
pekin players
lafayette players
The Harlem Renaissance
-WWI to Great Depression
-Black theatre ALL about "blackness"
Langston Hughes
-poet, writer of Harlem Renaissance
W.E.B. DuBois
critic of Harlem Renaissance
Zora Meale
poet, writer of Harlem renaissance
Federal Theater Project
-The depression
-attempt to support arts
-MacBeth (1936) set in Haiti and directed by Olsen Wells
Lorraine Hansberry
-A Raisin in the Sun
-AA and youngest person to have successful drama on broadway
Revolutionary Black Theatre Movement
-1960s-early 70s
-angry agressive political
-Amin Bavaka: The Dutchman
-Ed Bulling: The Taking of Miss Jamie
Charles Fuller
"A Soldiers Play" (1982)
August Wilson
"Fences" (1985)
Anna Deverse Smith
"Fires in the Mirror" (1992)
Gay theatre
-emerged in late 1960s
-queer theatre
lady bunny
form of humor popular among queers of many kinds, highly satirical sometimes to the point of meanness
The Boys in the Band
-by Mart Crowley
-8 gay men from different backgrounds
-shows world where homosexuality is both sin and newly emerged gay identities
-uses camp
Normal Heart
-Larry Kramer
-one of first AIDS plays
-critique of governments inaction
-criticizes gay culture for promiscuity
Angels in America Pt. 1 and Pt. 2
-by Tony Kushner
-addresses AIDS, McCarthyism, religion, America's desiny, the Reagan era, rejection in gay/straight relationsips
-by Paul Rubnick
-campy comedy about finding love in the days of AIDS
Love! Valour! Compassion!
-by Terrance McWaly
-contemporary version of Boys in the Band
-deals w/ aids, relationsihps, and infidelity
-tony for best play in '94