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What seven countries partitioned Africa?
1. France
2. British
3. Portugal
4. Italy
5. Spain
6. Germany
7. Belgium
Who is Lat Dior?
The Damel of Cayor, was defeated by French in 1886.
When did the first world war end?
When faced with colonialism from Europeans, what were the actions taken by African Leaders?
1. Violent action
2. Diplomacy
When was the league of nations founded?
1919 after first world war (did not prevent world war II)
When did Ghana become independent?
March 1957
What 3 major events started the scramble?
1. King Leopold of Belgians called the Brussel Conference
2. Portugal sent a furry of expeditions
3. expansionist mood which characterized French colonial policy between 1879-1880.
Why were Europeans able to conquer Africa?
1. They knew a lot about the geography, economical systems, and other resources due to explorers and missonaires.
2. Because medical advances to cure malaria
3. industrial revolution
When did the Brussel Geography Conference take place? What happened from the Brussel Geography Conference?
took place in 1876

the AIA was established and H. M. Stanley was sent to explore Congos in 1879
Who called for the Berlin Conference?
Where is Cocoa produced
Ghana, Cote D'Ivoire
What 2 things made the PanAfrican Congress successful?
1. Attitude changed and demanded independence

2. Presence of Continental Africa
When did World War II take place