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Name 3 things that powered the "Scramble of Africa"
political conditions in Europe
Under the Scramble of Africa, what year and what players were involved.
July 1884

When did the Berlin Conference take place?
November 15th, 1884 to Feb. 26th, 1885
What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference?
To convene to setup rules of the scramble.
What rules were made by the Berlin Conference?
1. any sovereign power wanting to claim any territory should inform other powers
2. any such annexations should be validated by occupation
3. Treaties with African Rulers were to be considered a valid title to sovereignty.
4. Powers were free to navigate the Congo and Niger River

* there was no precedent in history to justify one continent distruting and occupying another continent.
Africa is ____ largest Continent. Has ______ million square miles.
How much of Africa is rain forest (referred by westerners as jungle). What is the main use of tropical rain forest?
What is the population of African roughly?

What are agrarian economies
900 million people

Economies generated from agriculture
Hom ethinc groups are there?
How many languages are spoken?
How many have over a million speakers?
over 800
over 1000
at least 40
How many countries are in Africa?
What is the A.U? When and where was it formed?

Who belongs to A.U?
African Union formerly O.A.U, formed in Durban, South Africa in June 2002.

African Nations belong to A.U.
What is the O.A.U.? When was it formed?
Where was the first meeting held?
The Organization of African Unity.

Formed in May 25th, 1963

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in 1963
How many regions are there in africa? what are they?
North Africa, South Africa, East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa
List the top three longest rivers in Africa? (In order) How long is the longest?
Nile, Congo, Niger

4000 miles
Where was the A.U. formerly launched ?
Durban, South Africa June 2002
What are the major uses of the Nile River?
Hydroelectric power
What is E.C.O.W.A.S
Economic Community of
West African States
What two contries were never colonized?
What is N.E.P.A.D?
Program formed by A.U.

New Partnership for African Development
What agriculture item is Africa the largest producer of?
Who had most of the colonization?
British and French
Why is it hard to generalize about Africa?
Because of the diversity
Who were the first and second most aggressive to carry out conquest of Africa?
1. French
2. British
What was the major factor responsible for the change in European attitudes to Africans from one of equality to one of racist predudice?
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade
Which is not a region of Africa?
North Africa
South Africa
Central Africa
East Africa
South Africa
Who were the origional founders of the O.A.U (Organization of African Unity)(3)?
Haile Selassie
Gamel Nasser
Kwame Nkrumah
Ethiopia beat ________ in 1896 in the battle of ______
Part of the First World War was fought on African soil because of?
The attempt by the other European colonists to take over German colonies.
Why is it important to refer to the 19th century when discussing Africa in the 20th century?
Because the major events of the 20th century actually started in the 19th century.
Give the definition of kinship?
Kinship is the "ties" to oneself - ties are formed by blood or marriage. In essence, the connection of one to others by blood or marriage.