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Agriculture in which there is integrated management of trees or shrubs along with conventional crops or livestock.
Meteorologic Drought
Lack of rainfall.
Conversion of forest to another land use or the long-term reduction of tree canopy cover below the 10% threshold.
Expansion of desertlike conditions, with forest and land degradation, and with the irreversible decline in the productive potential of an area.
Period of two years or more with rainfall well below average.
Strip Cropping
Cultivation in which crops of different types and habits of growth are sown alternatively in strips along the contours of a hill, to prevent soil erosion.
Forest Ecosystem Management
Managing a forests ecosystem through political, social, and agricultural means.
Forest Degradation
Any change within a forest class.
Agricultural Drought
Results when soils lacks the necessary moisture for plant intake or for effective plant growth.
Hydrologic Drought
Periods with low levels of stream flow.
Soil Conservation
Attempts to conserve soil through agricultural practices.
Water Conservation
Attempts to conserve water resources.
Soil Degradation
Change of a soil type due to agriculture and other factors.
Selective Logging
Cutting down trees in certain areas of a forest creating a gap.
Wood-Fuel Consumption
Refers to the harvesting of wood for fuel because it is the cheapest form of energy.