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Berlin Conference
· (1884–85) Series of negotiations
· the major European nations met to determine the future of Central Africa
· participants declared Congo River basin to neutral
· guaranteed freedom of trade and shipping for all colonial powers
· forbade slave trading
· rejected Portugal's claims to the region
· Establishing colonies & building empires
· Adding land/wealth to a nation, by extending borders
· Considered immoral
· Loyalty to a group
· Beliefs in a groups rights to determine it’s own affairs
South Africa
· 11 official languages
· Went through apartheid
· From 1910 to 1939
· A racial order
· Kept the Africans outside central decision-making institutions
· Genocide took Place
· It’s still going on
Ethnic Cleansing
· The expulsion—through rape, harassment, murder, violence, ECT. —Of a hated racial or ethnic group
· Armed gunmen in Darfur
· The principal actors in the Darfur conflict
Steve Biko
· Organized students to resist Apartheid
· A noted nonviolent anti-apartheid activist in South Africa in the 1960s
Nelson Mandela
· First President of South Africa to be elected in fully-representative democratic elections.
· Descendants of Afrikaners
· Farmers
· Moved to escape British rulers
· Primarily associated with Southern Africa and the Afrikaans language
Great Trek
· South Africa
· Migration of the Boers