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What are a Supervisor's responsibilities regarding Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity?
1) Communicate Department AA and EEO policies.
2) Justify personnel actions.
3) Provide assistance to employees in preparing for civil service exams.
4) Provide employees development and training consistent with organizational needs.
5) Ensure a work environment free of discrimination.
How do you communicate the Departments A.A. & E.E.O. policies?
1) By conducting periodic meetings to discuss the departments plan.
2) By Making A.A. information readily available.
3. By respect for others with sexual, cultural, and physical or mental differences.
4) By informing employees of their right to file complaints of discrimination.
5) By reviewing policies, directives, and regulations with employees.
How do you justify personnel actions?
1) By preparing statements of job content, tasks, and requirements.
2) By preparing and conducting job related selection interviews consistent with DWP selection interview guidelines.
3) By requesting and recording information regarding race, sex, and ethnic origin so that the DWP policies are applied fairly.
4) By verifying that disciplinary actions are based on job related or other specific and valid reasons and are documented.
How do you provide assistance to employees preparing for civil service exams?
1) By informing employees of their job responsibilities.
2) By offering advice and assistance to employees on lines of promotion.
3) By providing information on upcoming examinations.
4) By encouraging women to apply for non-traditional jobs.
5) By providing mock interviews to build self confidence.
How do you provide employee development and training consistent with organizational needs?
1) By considering employee skills, ability, interests, ambitions and education when making job assignments.
2) By communicating training requirements.
3) By developing promotional capabilities through on the job assignments.
4) By providing on-the-job training.
5) By rotating employees to different positions within a given classification.
6) By encouraging off duty education and inform employees of tuition reimbursement program.