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what vitamins are necessary for RBC production?
Vitamin B12, and folic acid are the B-complex vitamins necessary
what lipids are found in blood plasma?
triglycerides, phospholipids, and cholesterol
Which type of liporprotein has characteristics of having relatively high concentrations of cholesterol?
Low density lipoprotein
what is the miniumum number of times ROM excercises should be performed?
minimum of 3-5 times, passively or actively
What two factors regulate the physiology of the body's cells?
Proper balance of fluids and chemicals.
define self-actualization-
reaching ones full potential
what is the most important of the physiological needs?
name the five basic components of the patient care plan?
assessment, nursing Dx, planning, implementation, and evaluation.
Each cell relies on what chemical component to perform its basic function?
what are the three main gas components of air and thier respective percentage?
Nitrogen- 78%, Oxygen-21%, carbon dioxide- 0.04%
if the atmospheric pressure is 523 mm Hg, what is the corresponding oxygen composition?
what is nursing Dx?
Dx that analysis the assessment data so that specific actual and potential health problems are identified
How do the parietal and visceral pleura aid in the ability to breathe normal?
separated by a thin film of serous fluid, water molecules are intensily attracted causing tension to hold membranes together.
Explain the differecne between anobolism and catabolism.
Anobolism creates larger molecules from smaller requiring energy. Catabolism breaks down larger molecules releasing energy.
Why does a patient Dx with COPD have difficult time breathing?
less air gets in and out
what is the next step after the nursing Dx?
is to plan the specific priorities and goals to eliminate or diminish the identified
The joining of smaller molecules together and the leaving behind a water molecule is done through what process?
Dehydration Synthesis.
how can the health care team determine if the patient care plan was met?
compare the actual outcome documented in the patients chart and the expected outcomes to determine whether progress has been made. If the expected outcomes are considered met.
Define hydrolysis-
when H2O molecules is used to break larger compound into two smaller molecules.
Making exceptions to your routines to meet special cutomer needs is an example of what customer service skill?
Define catalyst-
a particular molecule that can change the rate of a reaction without itself being consumed.
what should you do if you cannot solve a patients problem?
find someone in the organization who can solve the problem: give the customer updates about what's happening: and follow up with the customer until they say the problem is resolved.
Substance formed by the reaction between an acid and a base-
what have studies shown to be the most importantthing you can do to build relationship
use a customers name
Ionized to release H*-
what does is mean to empathize with your customers?
Identify with thier feelings, show or state you understand thier needs, frustrations, or dissappointments.
Ionized to release ions that can combine with H*-
what is not acknowledging a customers presence immediately and courteously an example ?
a negative or non greeting
What are the PH levels for alkolosis and acidosis?
acidosis- falls down below 7.0-7.3
alkolosis- range of 7.5-7.8
what should you do before transferring a caller to another number?
listen or question the caller long enough to find out exactly what is needed and then verify the appropriate person who can help them.
What is the most abundant substance in the body, and what is its major contribution in body function?
water, transports chemicals within the body enabling vital substances to be transported.
What are the three inorganic molecules and thier funcions?
Water- helps regulate body temp
O2- used to release energy
carbon dioxide- waste product
Explain the three ways the body losses heat.
radiation, conduction, convection.
What are the two major components of nutrients.
vitamins and minerals.
Minerals are usually extracted from what source?
the soil by plants, and from plant food sources or from the animal source that have eaten the plants
how do sodium and chloride maintain homeostasis of the body?
sodium, chloride helps to maintain the electrolyte balance and regulate the PH level through the concentration of extracellur fluids in the body's cells
where is the concentration?
concentrated inside cells
what is a primary concern when administering potassium intravenously, and how can it be prevented?
pain at the injection site or phlebities may occure, potassium should always be run at a slow rate, mixing potassium in an IV solution it must be mixed thoroughly by inverting and agitating the bag before the solution is hung for administration
what triggers the body's need for more calcium intake, and what elements are needed to aid in the absorption in order to fulfill the need?
calcium absorption is based on the body's need for the mineral. Needs the help of vitamin D and proteins to promote the calcium absorption
which cells is the first line of defense to fight diseases?
white blood cells
explain the difference between granulocytes and agranulocytes?
granulocytes are leukocytes that have granular cytoplasm: Agranulocytes are leukocytes that lack cytoplasmic granules
what is phagocytosis?
which leukocytes are most active phagocytes?
neutrophils and monocytes
which lymphocyte is responsible for producing the biochemical cytokine, and what is the cytokine used for?
T lymphocytes (T-cells) produce cytikine a protein necessary for proper cell reproduction and divison and is directly linked to immune responses
which organ is considered the primary central gland of the lyphatic system?
hypersensitivity reaction is also know as what type of reaction?
allergic reaction
explain autoimmunity?
The virus borrows proteins from the body's cells during replication and incorporates them into the virus cell and gives the body cell some of the viral proteins. When the immune system identifies the virus to destroy it, it also recognized the virus proteins in the bodys cell and miss identifies the body cell as a viral cell that should be destroyed
what are the three types of wound closure treatment, and give a brief decription of each?
Primary- little tissue loss or damage, wound edges are approximated and leavng only a slight chance for infection,
secondary, a wound that has tissue loss such as a pressure ulcer or severs laceration edges of the wound are not approximated and the wound is left completely open to close from the inside to the out with granulation tissue and then scar tissue,
tertiary, intention healing , delayed closure because ther is a delay in the suturing of a wound, wounds are sutured after the granulation tissue has begun to form
what are the two most common pychological disorders noted in patients suffering from chronic medical conditions?
depression or anxiety
what are the five steps of psycholocigal recovery many patients have in common?
shock and diorientation , fear and anxiety, depression, guilt, post-truamatic stress disorder
what are the five common ways fear and anxiety are expressed?
feeling anger and withdrawal
being needy for safety, security, and nurturing
reverting to childlike behaviors when dealing with stress, becoming aggressive, demanding, tearful and more dependent on others, focusing on thoughs of survival, comfort, and tx procedures, which can influence your fear.
Patients suffering from what type of injury are most likely to suffer from pos-traumatic stress disorder?
a thermal burn. Even though the burn event has ended, they may still experience physical and mental suffering that is associated with it