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fremo, fremere, fremui, fremitus
to roar, resound, growl, murmur
celsus, a, um
high, lofty, raised, lifted
mollio, mollire, mollivi, mollitus
to make soft, make supple or pliable, soften
fero, ferre, tuli, latus
to bear, carry, support, hold
verro, verrere, verri, versum
to drag, sweep, brush, scour
rapidus, a, um
tearing away, seizing, fierce
spelunca, ae, f
cave, cavern, den
abdo, abdere, abdidi, abditus
to put away, withdraw, remove; to hide
ater, atra, atrum
black, gloomy, dark
above, on the top, overhead
foedus, foederis, n
league, treaty, compact, alliance
laxus, a, um
wide, loose, open, spacious
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus
to order, command, bid
iussum, i, n
order, command
habena, ae, f
holder, halter, rein
mulceo, mulcere, mulsi, mulsum
to stroke, soothe, appease, charm; to graze, touch lightly
incutio, incutere, incussi, incussus
to dash, beat against, strike into
obruo, obruere, ibrui, obrutus
to overwhelm, overthrow; cover, cover over, hide, bury
puppis, is, f
hinder part of a ship, stern, poop
submergo, submergere, submersi, submersus
to sink, plunge under