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inveho, invehere, invexi, invectus
to carry in, bring to, introduce
flecto, flectere, flexi, flexus
to bend, bow, curve, turn, turn round
defessus, a, um
weary, tired
defatiscor, defatiscere, defetisci, defessus
to grow weary
lorum, i, n
thong, strap, strip of leather
portus, i, m
harbour, haven, port
obiectus, us, m
a placing against, putting opposite
sinus, i, m
bent surface, curve, fold, hollow, coil
scindo, scindere, scidi, scissus
to cut, tear, rend, force apart, split, cleave
rupes, rupis, f
a rock, cliff
geminus, a, um
born together, twin-born, twin
scaena, ae, f
stage, boards, scene
coruscus, a, um
in waving motion, waving, vibrating, tremulous
horreo, horrere, horrui, --
to stand on end, stand erect, bristle, be rough
immineo, imminere, --
to project over, lean towards, overhang, overarch; threaten
nemus, nemoris, n
wood, track of woodland, grove
frons, frontis, f
forehead, brow, front
antrum, i, n
cave, cavern, grotto
sedes, sedis, n
what may be sat on, seat, chair, stool
vinculum, i, n
fastening, band, bond, rope, cord, fetter, tie
uncus, i, m
hook, barb
alligo, alligare, alligavi, alligatus
to tie up, bind
ancora, ae, f
morsus, us, m
a biting, bite
potior, potiri, potitus sum
to become master of, take possession of, get, obtain, acquire
tabeo, tabere, --
to melt away, waste, consume, rot
artus, a, um
close, narrow, strait, confined, short
silex, silicis, m
flint, fire-stone, granite
excudo, excudere, excudi, excusus
to strike out, hammer out
scintilla, ae, f
folium, i, n
aridus, a, um
dry, parched, arid
fomes, fomitis, m
kindling-wood, tinder
frux, frugis, f (usu. pl)
corrumpo, corrumpere, corrupi, corruptus
to destroy, ruin, waste
paro, parare, paravi, paratus
to make ready, prepare, furnish, provide, arrange
torreo, torrere, torrui, tostus
to dry up, parch, roast, bake, scorch, burn
biremis, e
cervus, i, m