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queo, quire, quivi, quitus
be able, can
sentus, a, um
rough, thorny
situs, us, m
position, neglect, mould
torvus, a, um
fierce, grim
aequo (1)
equalize, match, level
umbrifer, era, erum
debello (1)
describo, ere, psi, ptus
mark out, map
meatus, us, m
course, path, motion
softly, gently, gracefully
spiro (1)
breathe, live, blow
radius, (i)i, m
rod, spoke, compass
comitor, are, atus
accompany, attend, escort, follow
miror, ari, atus
wonder (at), admire
turbo (1)
confuse, shake, disturb
sisto, ere, steti, status
stop, stand
strepitus, us, m
uproar, noise
suspendo, ere, i, ensus
hang up
alumnus, i, m
child, nursling
iacto (1)
boast, vaunt, toss, buffet
oborior, iri, ortus
arise, spring up
obvius, a, um
before, meeting (dat.)
proprius, a, um
one's own, permanent, secure
priscus, a, um
ancient, primitive
perficio, ere, feci, fectus
finish, make
candens, candentis
shining, white, gleaming
corneus, a, um
eburnus, a, um
(of) ivory
armus, i, m
shoulder, flank, side
exim, exin(de)
then, whence
calcar, aris, n
spur, goad, prick
fodio, ere, fodi, fossus
dig, pierce, spur
fungor, i, functus
perform, fulfill (abl)
everywhere, on all sides