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TV audience trends
demographics, dvd rentals, tv viewing hours, cable households, viewing patterns, audience fragmentation
pros and cons of tv advterising
mass coverage, relatively low cost, some selectivity, impact, creativity, prestige, social dominance
high production cost, high airtime cost, limited selectivity, brevity, clutter, zipping & zapping
pros and cons of cable tv advertising
selectivity, audience demographics, low cost, flexibility, testability
limited reach, fragmentation, quality, zipping & zapping
how advertisers buy time on tv
sponsorship, participation basis, syndication, spot ads, infomercials
How advertisers measure their audience
rating services, designed tv markets, day parts, audience meaures
Rating services
Nielson & others, cable ratings
Audience measures
tv households, program ratings, audience share
pros and cons of radio advertising
reach and frequency, selectivity, cost efficiency, testability, timeliness & immediacy, local relevance, creative flexibility
limitations of sound, segmented audiences, short-lived, half-head clutter
how do people access the net
narrowband, mobile device, satellite, cable modem, broadband
types of internet advertising
websites, banners & buttons, search engine marketing, classified ads, email advertising
pros and cons of internet advertising
interactive, huge audience, immediate response, selective targeting, proximity to purchase, affluent market, in-depth information, rapidly growing, reaches b2b users, advertorials, virtual storefront
medium is not standardized, targeting costs, slow downloads, security & privacy, global marketing limitations
internet audience measured
standardization, tracking, targeting
pros and cons of direct mail
selectivity, intensive coverage and reach, flexibility, control, personal impact, exclusivity,, response, testability
high cost per exposure, delivery problems, lack of content support, negative attitudes, environmental concerns, anti-spam laws
types of direct mail
sales letters, post cards, folders & brochures, catalogues, self-mailers
distractor in the human communication process
gatekeepers who decide if the ad will run or not
sponsorial consumers
ads aimed at teachers, accountants, doctors
professional advertising
direct mail is a part of
addressable mail
message in which the character acts out events directly in front of an imagined empathetic audience
drama message
printing press and paper marked which era
preindustrial age
one shortcoming of advertising
unsubstantial product claims
people want more for less
costs that are borne by people who are neither involved in the transaction nor paid for it
social costs
era's focus was production
industrial age
exaggerated claims
advertising regulatory agencies
demand for Campbell's soup
selective demand
doing what the advertiser believes is morally right
ethical advertising
agency for mott's claims of "100% real juice"
food and drug administration
Photographer's relationship to an ad agency
ad for discount
sale ad
attempts to create favorable perception of the business
institutional advertising
advertising on buses, taxis, and the subway
transit ads
most important job of the traffic department is an ad agency
make sure no deadlines are missed
personalized way we sense, interpret, and comprehend various stimuli
nonpersonal influence on consumer behavior
time, place
people who buy goods and services for their own use
consumer markets
interpersonal influences on consumer behavior
society, culture
key participant in the marketing process
customers, markets
product life cycle stage characterizes by rapid market expansion
growth stage
totality of what consumers, distributors, dealers, even competitors, feel and think about the brand over an extended period of time
brand knowledge
segmenting the market based on attitudes and lifestyles
psychographic segmentation
hershey's candies are available in all kinds of places. the distribution is called
intensive distribution
demand for a product drops below the supply of that product, the price
tends to fall
the channel of communication through which advertising communicates with us
the real or imaginary spokesperson who lends some voice or tone to the ad or commercial
fliers, brochures, and sales kites to build on it's tv advertising campaign
collateral material
four assumptions of the free-market economy
self interest, complete information, many buyers & sellers, absence of externalities
marketing communications tool that offers special incentives to motivate people to act right away
sales promotion
ad for the lifecycle 4500 exercise bicycle in Fit magazine is an example of
product advertising
discounting selected goods drastically to create an impression of storewide low prices and thereby increase traffic in the store
loss leader advertising
manufacturers switched from a production orientation to a sales orientation
industrial age
ad campaigns to consume less
an effective way to separate a particular set of customer needs that ranked high on the consumer's priority list
positioning strategy
what role did N.W. Ayer & Son play in the history of U.S. advertising
first ad agency to operate as agencies do today
defines deceptive advertising as any ad that contains a stereotype or piece of info that can be construed as politically incorrect
primary purpose of the national advertising review council is to
promote and enforce standards of truth, accuracy, taste, morality, and social responsibility in advertising
what might the federal trade commission FTC issue if an advertiser won't sign a consent decree
cease-and-desist order
paid form of non personal communication about a product, organization, idea, or service by an identified sponsor
3 literary forms used in advertising messages
narrative, autobiography, drama
consumers that are not real but they are addressed by the ad's persona
implied consumers
advertising that creates a particular perception of the company or personality of the brand
institutional advertising
4 aspects of the abundance principle
better prices, better products, increased competition, informed consumers
3 major federal advertising regulatory agencies
era where manufacturers were primarily concerned with production
two effects of ethics on advertising
stereotypes, proliferation
demarketing was introduced in what era
industrial age
3 levels of ethical responsibility
social, environmental, psychological
NARC stands for
national advertising review council
copywriter or art director of an advertising agency
a printer or engraver is an example of a
a common percentage for the mass media to pay an ad agency for bringing an advertiser to the company is
liaison between the agency and the client because he or she best understands what the client is trying to accomplish
the account executive
difference between national and local advertisers time orientations
national-long term.. local- short term
advertising that attempts to create a good long term image of the company
institutional advertising
psychological screens
attitudes, beliefs, habits
consumer decision process
problem recognition, info search, evaluation and selection, store choice and purchase, post purchase behavior
volume segmentation segments
light, medium, heavy
bundle of intangible beneftis that satisfy some need or want, are temporary in nature, and usually derive from completion of a task
the acquired metal position we hold in regard to some idea or object
an attitude
two main groups associated with the advertising business
agencies and advertisers
local advertisers are important because
because most consumer sales are made or lost locally
an effective way to separate a particular brand from its competitors by associating that brand with a particular set of customer needs that ranked high on consumer's priority list
positioning strategy
3 types of specialized service agencies
interactive agencies, boutique, media-buying services
department that makes sure that no deadlines are missed
traffic department
4 distinct groups in the advertising business
media, market research, ad agencies, suppliers
5 stages in maslow's hierarchy
physiological, safety, social, esteem, self actualization
personalized way we sense, interpret, and comprehend various stimuli
3 interpersonal influences
family, friends, culture
3 participants in the marketing process
consumers, markets, marketers
market segmentation
dividing the market into smaller homogeneous groups
consumer's perception of a bundle of utilitarian and symbolic values that satisfy functional, social, and other wants and needs is called
the product concept
who is responsible for writing the words in an ad for a new campaign?
the copywriter
after an ad is approved this person has to go through the intricate details of design and production to see that it is completed on time, under budget, and with the highest possible quality
the warrior
in charge of negotiating and contracting with the media
media buyer
first step of any ad
getting the consumer's attention
intuitive feel and visual look of an ad is the responsibility of the
art director
the inside front cover is referred to as the
second cover
creating the visual happens during what phase of the print production process
what do production managers need to look for in proofs
traps and bleeds
the art of selecting and setting types
proof that is created by shining light through the negatives and exposing a light-sensative paper that runs from white to blue
audience venue that one person sits in front of a personal computer and receives multimedia information off the internet
color separation takes place in this phase of the of the print produciont process
an advertiser can ensure a choice position for an ad by paying a..
preferred position rate
two pros of magazine advertising
pass along readership, selective audience
2 pros of newspaper advertising
mass media, low cost
4 types of newspaper advertising
display, classified, public notice, preprinted inserts
2 cons of magazine advertising
low geographic reach, long lead time
When is TSH measured after initiated ?
4-6 weeks after because full therapeutic effect may not be acheived for 3-6 weeks.

Usually monitored monthly (4 weeks) until normal and stable.
process when two or more people get together to generate new ideas
the art director is responsible for this aspect of the message
the second step in the creative pyramid
3 components of the message strategy
verbal, nonverbal, technical
2 dimensions on which advertisements are measured
resonance, relevance
ultimately responsible for the creative product
creative director