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Ads that are half advertising, half editorial, aimed at swaying public opinion rather than selling products.
Advertising used to communicate an organization's views on issues that affect society or business.
advocacy advertising
A promotional strategy utilized by nonsponsors to capitalize on the popularity or prestige of an event or property by giving the false impression that they are sponsors, such as by buying up all the billboard space around an athletic statium. Often employed by the competitors of the property's official sponsor.
ambush marketing
Slides, films, filmstrips, and videocassettes that may be used for training, sales, or public relations activities.
audiovisual materials
An internal public relations means for announcing new equipment, meetings, promotions, new products, construction plans, and recreation news.
bulletin boards
A local public relations activity in which companies sponsor or participate in a local activity or supply a location for an event.
community involvement
The broad area of nonproduct advertising aimed specifically at enhancing a company's image and increasing lagging awareness.
corporate advertising
Advertising a corporation creates to familiarize the public with its name, logos, trademarks, or corporate signatures, especially after any of these elements are changed.
corporate identity advertising
A company's plan for handling news and public relations during crises.
crisis management
The second largest area of sponsorship, which includes things like concert tours, attractions, and theme parks.
A marketing or public relations approach that involves preparing displays that tell about an organization or its products; these may be used at fairs, colleges and universities, or trade shows.
Soft news about companies, products, or services that may be written by a PR person, the publication's staff, or a third party.
feature article
Internal and external publications produced by business organizations, including stockholder reports, newsletters, consumer magazines, and dealer publications. Most are produced by a company's advertising or public relations department or by its agency.
house organs
The donation of goods and services as payment for some service such as sponsorship.
in kind
A type of advertising that attempts to obtain favorable attention for the business as a whole, not for a specific product or service the store or business sells. The effects of this are intended to be long term rather than short range.
institutional advertising
Informing government officials and persuading them to support or thwart administrative action or legislation in the intrests of some client.
Corporate advertising that is used to set the company up for future sales; it simultaneously communicates messages about the products and the company.
market prep corporate advertising
The use of public relations activities as a marketing tool.
marketing public relations (MPR)
A typewritten sheet of information (usually 8 & 1/2 by 11 inches) issued to print and broadcast outlets to generate publicity or shed light on a subject of interest.
news (press) release
A form of public relations research in which consumers provide feedback via interviews, toll-free phone lines, focus groups, and similar methods.
opinion sampling
Support for a cause without any commecial incentive.
For public relations purposes, signs that impart product information or other news of interest to consumers, or that are aimed at employee behavior, such as safety, courtesy, or waste reduction.
The planning of activities and the staging of events to attract attention to new products or services and to generate publicity about hte company or organization that will be of interest to the media.
press agentry
A package of publicity materials used to give information to the press at staged events such as press conferences or open houses. Also, a package of sales material promoting a specific media vehicle.
press (media) kit
All activities related to the community citizenship of an organization, including dealing with community officials and working with regulatory bodies and legislative groups.
public affairs
The management function that focuses on the relationships and communications that individuals and organizations have with other groups for the purpose of creating mutual goodwill. The primary role of this is to manage a company's reputation and help build public consent for its enterprises.
public relations (PR)
Advertising that attempts to improve a company's relationship with its publics (labor, government, customers, suppliers, etc.)
public relations advertising
The generation of news about a person, product, or service that appears in broadcast or print media.
In PR terminology, employees, customers, stockholders, competitors, suppliers, or general population of customers are all considered one form of these.
A special type of advertising, most frequently found in the classified sections of daily newspapers and typically the responsibility of a personnel department aimed at attracting employment applications.
recruitment advertising
In public relations, the name of the long-term strategic process to manage the standing of the firm with various publics.
reputation management
Function of a public relations practitioner to write speeches for stockholder meetings, conferences, conventions, etc.
The presentation of a radio or TV program, or an event, or even a website by a sole advertiser. The advertiser is often reponsible for the program content and the cost of production as well as the advertising. This is generally so costly that these are usually limited to TV specials.
A form of sponsorship that links a sponsor to a physical site such as a stadium, arena, auditorium, or racetrack.
venue marketing
A news or feature story prepared in video form and offered free to TV stations.
video news release (VNR)