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9 Advertising objectives
1. Promote brand recall
2. Generate affective preference
3. Persuade
4. Link key attribute to brand name
5. Scare to acction
6. Situate brand socially
7. Transform consumption experience
8. Impact behave by generating anxiety (Cascade)
9. Define brand image
In advertisng objectives, Target was which?
Define brand image
In advertising objectives, diet coke was which?
Transform consumption experience
In advertising objectives, Biore was which?
Impact behave by generating anxiety
In advertising objectives, AIG was which?
Scare to action- more common in PSAs
In advertising objectives, Pedigree was which?
Generate affective preference
In advertising objectives, BMW (The Ulitmate Driving Machine) and Tylenol (rapid release)
In advertising objectives, Saab was which?
Link key attribute to brand name: "Saab- born from jets"
In advertising objectives, Meow mix and Staples were which?
Promote brand recall
McDonalds video
Objective: transformational, going to McD's is like a mini vacation: "you deserve a break today"
Objective: Recall, kingle, ties into benefit (good smell of coffee)
Objective: Affective preference
Coca-Cola (penguins and bears)
Some creative idea, different execution every year
Microsoft Zune
Positioning a little differnt than ipod
How much is spent for 1,000 impressions?, cost per thousand, total cost of media vechiles X 1,000 gross impressions
UNC ad after national champaignship
Shows benefits of newspaper advertising because ad had widespread circulation and was read by government officials
Benefits of newspapers
1. Large circulation
2. Geographic selectivity
3. Timeliness
4. Creditability
5. Allows for detailed copy
6. Low production cost and low cost of space
7. Involved audience and interst in ads
Disadvantages of newspapers
1. Clutter
2. Beyond geography, limtied segmentation-potential waste
3. Not good at identifying specific segment
% of newspapers is ads
"Who's the father" ad
Newspapers allowing for creativity, mostly white space
Benefits of magazines
1. Audience selectivity
2. Audience interest in ads
3. Long life
4. Creative opportunities (because audience is already interested and mag is themed)
5. Put in coupons and samples
Disadvantages of magazines
1. Clutter
2. Long lead times
3. Product cost of space & CPM much higher than for newspapers
4. Not very frequent
Advantages of radio
1. Audience selectivity (geographics, demographics, psyhcographics)
2. Flexibility and timeliness
3. Often lowest CPM
4. Excellent reach
5. Good frequency builder
6. Theater of imagionation
"Real Men of Genuis" ads
Advantages of radio ads, theater of imagionation
Disadvantages of radio
1. Audience attentiveness (use radio for background noise)
Advantages of TV
1. Powerful ads: sound, sight, action
2. Excellent reach
3. Can achieve frequency
4. Cable channels offer selectivity
5. Excellent CPM (Absolute cost is high)
Pirelli Tires ad
Example of the advantages of tv advertising; man almost hits a tracter trailer and then slips when he gets out of car
Av. tv sets per home
Averg. amu of tv a person watches per day
4 hrs. 32 mins.
Disadvantages of TV
1. Geographic selectivity
2. DMAs (designated market areas) not city-specific
3. Very expensive
4. Channel grazing, zipping, zapping
5. Clutter
Advantages of internet
1. Interactivity
2. Fastest growing medium in terms of spending
3. Precise-selectivity
4. Wealth of tracking information
5. Always available for consumesr
6. Can instantly update (no lead times)
7. Low product cost and cost of space
8. Creative strategy: "rich media" because of growth of broadband
Friends of White, example of ?
Advantages of internet: Interactivity
rich media
Is animated or has audio
Disadvantages of internet
1. CPM typically higher than broadcast media (but better than print)
2. Still more of a niche medium
3. Reach smaller than broadcast
% Americans have internet access
Company that measures ratings of tv and internet
Virgin example of?
Advertising in an integrated campaign
How was PR used by Virgin
How did Virgin use sales promotion?
Focused on distribution, personal selling
Virgin adv. strategy
"Say Something" campaign
Pros of Brand Recall
Effective in training consumer to remember brand name or specific attributes
Cons of brand recall
Long-term commitment, high expense, creatives dont like it
Pros of persuade
Strong conganitve loyalty
Cons of persaude
Assume high level of involvement, vulnerable to counterarguments, sometimes tuned or disregard
Pros of affective association
Short-term results, pelases creatives
Cons of affective association
Effect on audience wears out quickly, high expense, taking a risk
Pros of play on fear/anxiety
Cons of play on fear/anxiety
Legal and ethical issues, mso twant to avoid instigating consumers
Pros of transformational, situate brand socially or define brand image
Powerful enduring qualities
Cons of transformational, situate brand socially or define brand image
Often gets lost in the clutter or rings false with audiences
Economic incentive
15% commissions are disappearing, thus economic incentives are decreasing
Industry consolidation
Fewer plces for disgruntled advertisers to go; agencies are more powerful
Intrusive media
Consumers are more and more used to free content and thus dont like obtrusive media
Deal proness and cost transpernecy
Because of WWW, consumers more knowledgable of
Ethnic media
Growing influence
Pressure to standardize media; media exist in transnational space, lack of standardized audience measurement and pricing- large economic incentive to come up with common media currency
Quantative indicators of media plan
Scheduling and purchase of a mix of media vechiles expected to deliver the advertiser's message to specific target audiences at precisely the right time to affect their consumption decisions
Traditional media
Very real possability that decline in reliance on traditional media will continue
Stand-alone media buying company
More and more media buys are being made from stand-along companies
Chanel Power
Changed by media and agency consolidations; chanel power is who has the most power in terms of setting prices in favor of the media - many agencies and media companies are considerably larger than their clients
Agency compensation
Instead of getting paid 15% (got a 15% discount from advertisers, charged clients full price and kept the change) usually paid on fee-for-service basis (paid for specific jobs), resembles a law firms billing
ROI demands
Pressure to produce documentation of ROI is huge, its driving many of the changes in media today: advances in mathematical modeling, access to better data, ability of sophisticated marketers to determine ROI
Media strategy
typically expressed as message weight, frequency, reach, continuity, reaches the target audience and audience duplication
Single-source tracking services
Offer info. not just on demographics but also on brands, purchase size, frequency, prices paid and media exposure
Behavior Scan
Most comprehensive single-source tracking service
Message weight
Total mass of advertising delivered - media planners are interested in it b/c it provides a simple indication of the size of the advertising effort
Gross impressions
Sum of exposures to the entire media placement in a media plan- usually used to express message weight
Two types of exposure
Potential ad impressions or opportunities;and message impressions
Potential ad impressions
How often media vechiles the ad is in is used/viewed
Message impressions
Exposures to the ad themselves (as opposed to just the media vechile)
Average number of times an individual or household w/n target audience is exposed to a media vechile in a given period of time (typically a wk or a month)
Gross ratings points
GRP= r x f
Effective frequency
Number of times a target audience needs to be exposed to a message before objectives of the advertiser are met (either communication or sales impact)
Standard for effective frequency (est. number of times before advertisers objectives are met)
Cost per rating pt.
CPRP= Dollar cost of ad placement/program rating
Rating pt.
1% of target audience
Share of voice formula
One brand's advertising expentidures in a medium/total product category advertising expenditures in a medium x 100
Agency of record
purcases time and space for adv., coordinates media discounts and negotiates all contracts
Media-buying service
also evaluate the audience reach, CPM and timing of ea. buy; if expected audiences are not delivered, media-buying service has to "make good" by repeating ad placements or offering refund or price reduction
Absolut Vodka
Interactive media
Newspapers pros
1. Modest expentidure levels
Cons of newspapers
Not a good medium for products that demand creativity
3 impt. magazine categories
1. Farm
2. Consumer
3. Business
Cons of magazines
Hard to achieve high reach levels, cost can vary dramatically
3 basic types of radio advertising
1. local spot
2. Network radio
3. National spot
Characteristics of creatives
Self-confidence, alterness, unconventiality obessive commitment to work