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affidavit of performance
a signed and notarized form sent by a television station to an advertiser or agency indicatingwhat spots ran and when. it is the stations legal proof that the advertiser got what was paid for.
audience composition
the distribution of an audience into a demographic or other categories.
audience share
The percentage of homes with tv sets in use tuned to a specific program.
an abbreviated term freferring to the TV time slots that are available to an advertiser.
Average quarter-hour audience
a radio term referring to the average number of people who are listening to a specific station for at least 5 minutes during a 15-minute period of any given daypart.
average quarter hour rating
the average quarter-hour persons estimate expressed as a percentage of the estimated population.
average quarter hour share
the radio station's audience expressed as a percentage of the total radio listening audience in the area.
bater syndication
marketing a first run television programs to local stations free or for a reduced rate because some of the ad space has been presold to national advertisers.
broadcast TV
tv sent over airwaves as opposed to over cables.
Cable TV
TV signals carried to househol
cost per rating point
a simple computation used by media buyers to determine which broadcast programs are the most efficient in relation to the target audience. The CCP is determinedby dibiding the cost