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What is consumer culture?
a belief it can be satisfied of beieved it can be satified by constituting the needs and desires by purchasing mass produced and nationally advertised products
What is post hoc?
x before y
after something therefor because of it
What are the historical aspects of consumer culture?
big cities
department stores
What are the 4 p's
distribution(placement) how fast it can be put out there
What are the functions of advertising?
- Help Consumers maximize their satisfaction
- To communicate the want : satistying qualities of such goods and services to varies segments of the population
- Provide information and let consumers to make their intelligent decisions
-To control the quality of the men and women in the field of advertising
T.V.= Media=
Pop Culture
What are the four types of comsumer styles?
Mimic desire
People want what other people have
What kinds of products does the upper SES purchse?
Operas, Plays, Paintings, Sculptures,
Expensive cars, restaurants, vacations
What kinds of products does the lower SES purchase?
fast food, drive to vacations, inexpensive clothes
Steiner believes...
Advertising = MarketPlace
Steiners 4 phase stage model is...
1. Unadvertised Consumer Good Industry
2. Initial Advertising
3. Growth Stage
4. Maturity Phase
What is Unadvertised Consumer Good Industry?
small business to to small stores to put products on the shelf, RETAIL MAKES PROFIT, consumer makes high price, manufactor is not profiting
What is Initial Advertising?
Retailers lower prices to attract customers, consumers pay less
What is the Growth Stage?
Consumers pay even less, Retailers are just breaking even
What is Maturity?
Brand established= Name Brand price increases. Manufactors profit $$$
Finallly I profit
According to Locke and Newton what is the Free Market?
-Men are created equal
-Men are conscience and rational
-Fundamental rights, life, liberty, poverty
Life liberty and property
Enlightment =
Owning property
Free Market has the freedom to...
-Contract between individuals
-Freedom from government interferences or regulations
-To compete, no monopolies especially by gov't
Market power =
65+ What is the median used for advertising?
T.V & Newspapers
-They don't believe everything they see
-Advertising has not been portraying ederlty in a positive way (dying & sick)
60-69 years old
see advertising positively
70-79 years old
Unmarried females, non white are toughest consumers - negative attidudes towards consumers
Purpose of advertising
To provide knowledge & create needs
Black purchasing power
-don't own homes much
-homes are usually cheaper
-pay less property taxes
-Pay more on income
Buy more sun equipment, TV, radio, encyclopedias
Black people tend to buy
-spend less money on safes, legal fees, accountants
-4x more tobacco, alcohol, entertainment, and personal care than reading and education
-We look at quality of product
-How fast can we get it?
What it a Hierarchist?
Believe in the need for hierarchy in societies and feel a sense of obligation to those below them
Individuals are basic an the role of gov't should be minimal
Believe that everyone has certain needs tha have to be looked after by the gov't. Stress voluntary consent.
Bottom of the totom pole, have little economic, purchasing, or decision making power.