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What does Libby's sled hit on the trail?
Washing Machine
What did she do to her supply bags so she can recognize them at hte stops?
She colors them
What kind of food does she bring?
pizza,popcorn,kentucky fried chicken
What sea is by Alaska?
Bering Sea
Name 4 of Lbby's dogs?
Sister,Dugan,Stewpot,Dusty,Inca,Tip,Minnow,Stripe,Socks,Whitey,Brownie,Bugs,Penny and Axle
What kind of music does she listen to while to while racing to stay awake?
Rock and Roll
How many checkpoint are there in the Iditarod?
25 checkpoints
What are the breeds of the sled dogs?
Alaskan Malamute,Siberian Husky,Eskimo dogs