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Serotonin, an important chemical relating to brain function, is produced by the body from typtophan. Using your knowledge of vitamins, what nutrient would be most important for this conversion?
Vit B6-pyridoxine (amino acid metabolism)
Does iron facilitate transfer of electrons in the respiratory chain?
Taking iron supplements, when not needed, may supply too much non-heme iron which could increase risk for deficiency of Vitamin A through the adverse interaction with what nutrient?
The main univalent cation of intracellular fluid is?
potassium (K+)
Pantothenic acid is:
1. a "B complex" vitamin
2. involved in E metabolism (with CoA)
3. water soluble
Could a high dietary iron to zinc ration lead to reduced visual activity?
Yes, this decreases zinc absorption which decreases RBP and vitamin A which decreases vision
What is the UL for iron?
45 mg/day
What nutrient has been reported to help improve glucose metabolism/utilization in the body?
The ionic form of iron that is absorbed the most efficiently is?
What vitamin is believed to function like a steroid hormone?
calcitrol (active vitamin D)
What vitamin directs cellular differentiation of epithelial cells?
vitamin A
What plays a contributing role in hydroxyapatite crystal formation?
Lipoic acid:
1. decarboxlations
2. fatty acid (sulfur) derivative
3. fuctions in antioxidant pathways
What does low stomach acid do to vitamin K?
may increase production of it
At high intake levels do retinyl acetate supplements pose little risk for toxicity?
no...very toxic, so use pro-vitamin A carotenoids instead.
Can certain forms of kidney disease increase the risk for bone disease?
yes, diseased kidney may not activate vitamin D
What two nutrients are part of hydroxyapatite?
calcium and phosphorus
An increased risk for Vit K deficiency can be seen in?
1. newborns
2. long-term oral antibiotic use
What nutrient is important for kinase reactions (which promote phosphorylation in E pathways) and therefore involved in E metabolism?
Vitamin B6 is indirectly involved in E metabolism due to its role in forming what nutrient?
Niacin (tryptophan turns into niacin)
Potassium intake/day recommendation
Excessive intake of various forms of what may enhance the risk for internal hemorrhage?
vitamin E
The activation of which enzyme below can be used to determine the nutritional status for riboflavin?
glutathione reductase
Which fat soluble vitamin has as a principle function the maintenance of membrane integrity?
tocopherols (vit E)
low sodium food is
less than or equal to 140 mg/serving
what substances enhance the uptake of non-heme iron into the gut cell?
ascorbic acid (vit C), lactic acid, fish