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Nonpaid, unsponsored information initiated by the party seeking to tell others about a product, service, idea, or event and delivered to the public at the discretion of the media.
Happening of sufficient interest or importance to the pubilc.
People responsible for maintaining the editorial focus for the news organization.
Coordinates all organizational and functional components of the medium.
Editor in-chief
Person in charge of all aspects of reporting the news.
Senior editors
Individuals who manage a news section, such as a business, fashion, or travel.
Assistant editors
Responsible for reading all press release submitted to teh organization and reporting the newsworthy pieces to the more senior editors.
Publicity writers
Seeking recognition for their events or products, in meeting the criteria for publication.
Is like an editor in chief, a top manager in broadcast organizations.
Assignment editor
Has control over the flow of information and assignments, and as such, is probably the best connection at a broadcast news outlet.
Associate producers
Specialists in particular subjects and may also be good resources for publicity, if they regularly report on fashion or business.
News story
Information about recent events or happenings.
Feature story
A prominent or lead article.
News/feature story
Combines information from a news story with the special emphasis of a feature article.
Covered publicity
Publicity writers determine the news value of each situation and write about it in a publicity release.
Promotion vice president
Responsible for the publicity staff, consisting of the advertising department, the visual merchandising department, and the office of special events.
Fashion director
Responsible for fashion direction and leadership, special events coordinator, and a publicity or public relations director.
Special events coordinator
Responsible for directing all special events.
Publicity or public relations director
Responsible for the firm's public relations.
May work for a public relations agency or work as a freelance consultants.
Publicity outlet
Any mass communication medium used by a firm or agency to commumicate with teh public about a product, service, idea, or event.
General storeis
Prepared for the main news section of a paper and include changes in policy, administration or personnel, business-related news, and announcements of special events of interest to the general public.
Departmental stories
Written from the viewpoint of a specific section of column of the newspaper such as fashion, lifestyle, travel, state and local, finance, sports, or entertainment among others.
Video news releases
Publicity pieces created by publicists and delivered to televisioon stations as news stories.
Press release or publicity release
Form used to pass information from the sponsoring party to the media outlet.
One or two sentences that summarize the news, including who, what, where, when, and how.
Fills out rest of the story following the lead.
Publicity photographs
Accompany press releases and are prepared with the format or visual style of the publication in mind.
Press kit
Collection of publicity materials delivered to the press as a single unit.
Fact sheet
A detailed glossary of significant facts contained in the press kit.
Press conference
A gathering held by a firm seeking publicity about an event or happening for news reporters.
Editorial credit
May include the name of designers and suppliers of other accessories featured in the publicity.
Product placement
The placement of a branded product versus an unbranded generic product as a prop in a movie or a television.