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Do you have pain in your throat?
Tiene dolor en la garganta?
How many days have you had the pain?
Por cua'tos di'as ha tenido el dolor?
Do you have pain when you swallow?
Tiene dolor para pasar saliva o al tragar?
Can you drink fluids?
Puede tomar liquidos?
Have you noticed a change in your voice?
Ha notado cambio en su voz?
Are you hoarse?
Esta ronco/a?
Are you drooling?
Do you have a fever?
Tiene fiebre?
Do you have trouble breathing?
Tiene problemas al respirar?
Do you have a cough?
Tiene tos?
Do you have an earache?
Tiene dolor de oido?
Do you have a headache?
Tiene dolor de cabeza?
Do you have abdominal pain?
Tiene dolor en el abdomen?
Have you had vomiting?
Ha tenido vomito?
Have you had throat infections before?
Ha tenido infecciones en la garganta antes?
Have you recently been in contact with a person with a sore throat?
Ha estado en contacto (recientemente) con una persona a quien le duela la garganta?
Do you smoke?
Fuma usted?
How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
Cuantos cigarrillos fuma usted por dia?
Do you have a rash?
Tiene manchas o ronchas en la piel?
Do you have allergies?
Tiene alergias?
Are you allergic to penicillin? (or other medications?)
Es alergico al penicilina? o otro medicinas?
Open your mouth
Abra la boca
Stick out your tongue
Saque la lengua
Say "aah"
Diga "aah"
I need to do a throat culture.
Necesito hacerle un cultivo de garganta.
You have a throat infection
Usted tiene una infeccion de la garganta
You have an abscess in your tonsil
Usted tiene un absceso en la amigdala
I am going to give you an injection
Le voy a dar una inyeccion
Return here if you have trouble breathing or swallowing
Regrese aqui si tiene dificultad para respirar o tragar
Return here if you are not feeling better
Regrese aqui si no se siente mejor.