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Acute Hemolytic Reactions
S&S-burning sensation, lumbar pain, flank pain, flushing of face, chest pain

LATE: DIC, chills, shock, fever
Delayed Hemolytic Reaction
S&S: persistent low grade fever, malaise, indirect hyper bili, v hct/hgb
Non Hemolytic febrile reaction
S&S: fever, chills, HA, N/V, hypotension, chest pain, dyspnea and nonproductive cough
Allergic reaction
S&S: itching, hives, rash, urticaria, runny eyes, anxiety, dyspnea, wheezing, decreased bp, shock, GI distress, and cardiac arrest
Circulatory Overload
S&S: dyspnea, engorged neck veins, CHF, pulmonary edema
slowed stopped infusion/ unable to flush device
=dc IV apply cold assess circ impairment
Redness at sight warm to touch and swelling
=dc cath apply cold and warm
Local infx
dc cath culture site apply dressing
Venous Spasm
SS:sharp pain at IV site slowed infusion
=apply warmth if continues start new site
SS:fluctuating fever, profuse sweating
N/V--Diarrhea--Abd pain--Tachy
=restart IV , obtain cultures, initiate antimicrobial
Air Embolism
SS:light headed, dyspnea, cyanosis, tachy, expiratory wheezes, cough, chest pain, hypotension
Speed Shock
SS:Dizziness, flushed face, tighness in chest, HA, Irregular pulse
=get help give antidote
Fluid Overload
SS: weight gain all over, HTN, changes in I&O, SOB